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DEX 3 Pro Tip | Editing Waveform Colors

Editing Waveform colors in DJ software

So you’re not a fan of the default DEX 3 waveform default colors?  No worries, you can pop the hood yourself and customize each independent deck waveform color.

DEX 3.5’s skin is remarkably versatile, with various modes including 2-decks, 4-decks, video mixing panels, and sample decks – so it’s already easy to make DEX 3 your own by selecting the mode that works best for your DJ needs. You can also download DEX 3 Skins to personalize the look even more so. For advanced designers, DEX 3 skins can be created from a personal design using the PCDJ Skin Designer; the only true limitation is the creators imagination.

The default DEX 3 skins showcase our default waveform colors of green and orange – with the 4-deck version equipped with blue and red for decks 3 and 4. We’ve had feedback from DJs that suggests not everyone digs our default waveform color scheme, so we threw together the tutorial video below demonstrating how easy it is to edit the waveform colors in DEX 3 (using the same method, you can edit almost any of the colors in the library, including text, and VU and other items such as cue points).

UPDATE – Big thanks to the customer that sent this in: If you don’t possess a graphics editing application you can find an online color picker HERE. You can use the color picker to generate a color code as further explained in the video below.