What Is DJ Mixing Software?

DJ Mixing Software is a specialized form of computer software specifically designed for the purpose of playing, mixing and presenting various media (audio and/or music videos) to an audience, normally as part of a performance, show, station/channel, event or function.

DJ mixing software assists the DJ or operator in the technical aspects of the musical or video presentation of items, while allowing the DJ to focus on other important areas. In many cases, the DJ is directly responsible for keeping the crowd entertained and the dance floor packed through skilled song selection and proper microphone use. When DJing a wedding, DJs are also usually called on to be master of ceremonies. In any case, a DJ can focus on these responsibilities and less on the technical aspects of mixing music; the more likely the event is to be a success.

Professional DJ software will also support various DJ controllers, giving the DJ or operator hands-on, tactile control over the software – eliminating the need for a keyboard or mouse (unless you’re doing a song search). Professional software for Disc Jockeys like PCDJ DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE (Red Edition) makes it easy to focus on your clients and your gig, rather than the more tedious technical aspects of mixing music or music videos.

How Does PCDJ Differ From Other DJ mixing software?

PCDJ was the first to create a professional DJ software solution for computers back in 1998. The software was called the “Digital 1200sl

Since then we’ve continued to be a leading innovator in the DJ mixing software space, and we pride ourselves on keeping our ear to the ground. Much of what we implement into our software is of our own creative design (It certainly helps that our programmers are also DJs!), but just as much comes from user feedback. With over 80,000 users of our DJ mixing software globally, it’s a great community to poll.

DEX 3 DJ Software And Video Mixing Software

Mix Music, Music Videos And Host Karaoke With DEX 3

Our flagship software, PCDJ DEX 3, is versatile DJ mixing software with the ability to truly “Mix Everything”. Offering media playback for almost any file type, it swiftly mixes music, music videos and even does karaoke – so a true all-in-one DJ mixing software solution for the professional entertainer that wants to offer the total multimedia experience to their patrons or clients. With over 90 DJ controllers now supported (zero-configure) you have options from every major DJ equipment manufacturer, in many styles, to use with PCDJ.

We also offer our customers free updates for the life of the product with their software purchase, and activation on up to three computers per license key.

We feel the best way to find out if our DJ mixing software solutions meet your requirements is to download one of our free DJ mixing software demos.