Free DJ Software?

DJ Software For FREE

Catchy post title, huh? 

Now that I’ve got your attention, we could use your input!   DJ software in recent years has obviously grown substantially in popularity, and one of the big reasons is a broader and still growing user base.

DJ’s are today’s rock stars.  A recent article about Skrillex, the dubstep king that has made the successful leap to DJ/Producer pop stardom over the last two years, outlines how much he makes per the usual gig and yearly – which dwarfs that of many of today’s top musical acts.

It’s evident electronic music is a driving force behind the movement of kids trading guitars for DJ controllers and software solutions.

More and more we’re finding many of our own new customers to be beginner DJ’s that simply want to learn how to DJ.  They want to DJ their own parties, for friends and family.   With this said, we feel there is a need within the PCDJ line for a free DJ software product that caters to hobbyists and otherwise burgeoning DJ’s.

This new product would  be a light DJ software with basic layout and features that you can download for free from our website.  We could potentially have additional upgrades the user can add on, such as a karaoke or music subscription.

I know we have a mix of users reading our blog, from seasoned vet DJ’s to newbies – so if you have an opinion either way we’d love to hear from you!  DJ Software For FREE