Karaoki Pro Tip | Using Custom Images Behind Lyrics Output (Video)

Images behind lyrics in Karaoki

PCDJ has been developing Karaoki, our top karaoke software solution for Windows, for over 13 years now and the depth and breadth of functionality runs genuinely deep. So much so that some of the coolest features may go unnoticed.

Karaoki in a club

Today we’re highlighting one such feature — the ability to use background images (in motion!) behind lyrics on the singers screen.

Karaoki allows you to import BMP (bitmap image) files to display in a slideshow type manner behind the lyrics on the singers screen. With the image “scroll” option also enabled, images will bounce around the screen (slowly) creating a motion effect usually only found when using MP4 video files.

Important work of advice: often in conversations with KJs using Karaoki they’ve told me that they prefer black or blue (simple) backgrounds instead of motion-based backgrounds as to not distract from the lyrics, making it easier on the singer singing them. Others have suggested they use dimmed images or images that are less distracting and busy. We suggest using images that are fairly simple, and you can open up the image in any photo editing app and dim it (such as adding a black overlay with 50% opacity). Also note that if you only have jpeg or png images to work with, you can save as a BMP image from any photo editing app such as Photoshop.

Displaying carefully selected images behind lyrics can add a little something extra to your shows, which can in-turn help you set your self apart from the local competition.

How-To Display Images Behind Lyrics with Karaoki


Have questions about adding background images for use behind lyrics with our top karaoke software? Please leave them in the comments section below!