Red Mobile 2 Software Downloads:

  • Windows: Download Red Mobile 2.6.4

    Click to Download Red Mobile 2.6.4 for windows 7 / 8.

    Released October 8th, 2013

    Windows users having issues loading files should also update their Quicktime codec.

  • Windows Vista / XP ONLY: Red Mobile 2.2.5

    Only download this version if you are using windows Vista or XP!

    Because of the new Video Effects and Transitions engine the new versions of Red Mobile 2 are for Windows 7 and higher only, if you are using an older Windows OS (XP or Vista) you can still download this older release however this version will not be supported by PCDJ as it is an older outdated release.

Activation Instructions:

To unlock the free trial, click on “click here to buy/unlock the full version” in the center of the skin below the crossfader. Then click “I already bought it”. Please copy your license code from the original purchase email you received when you purchased and select “paste” on the activation screen.

If you are going to type the code in manually (you don’t have an original purchase email or you have a hard copy) please make sure that you enter in the code with your CAPS LOCK ON.

If you lost your Activation code Please Contact Support here and submit a ticket requesting a code look up.

Please do not call Technical Support for an activation code as we do not give out licensing information over the phone. This is for the protection of the original license holder

Realted Downloads and Manuals

Instructional Videos

Note: Although some videos are showing using DEX 2, the library and other functions are similar to Red Mobile 2.

Skipping, Stuttering, Audio Drop Outs and other Performance Issues

If you are using WDM / DIRECT SOUND drivers for your soundcard try increasing the buffer / latency setting in Options->Audio / MIDI page.

If you are using ASIO drivers, open the ASIO driver control panel and try increasing the Buffer / latency Settings.

If you are using a Mac and CORE AUDIO drivers for your soundcard try increasing the buffer / latency setting in Options->Audio / MIDI page.

Please see this page for more information on preparing your Windows machine for pro audio use: System Optimization For PCDJ Software

Version History

2.6.4 October 8 2013
– displaying loading/saving database message (prevent database not saving)
– fixed: DirectSound WDM mode (multichannel)
– fixed: loop bug when using fixed-beat loops
– other small fixes and improvements

2.6.3 August 20 2013
– advanced searching (separate search terms by spaces, search/filter by bpm/year/key (eg. b123 displays only songs with 123BPM))
– harmonic mixing: support for key in Circle of Fifths or compatible formats (in ID3 tags)
– reimplemented MIDI buffering (major stability improvement)
– MIDI controllers can be detected also with VID/PID in scripts (Windows only)
– MIDI scripting improvements
– fixed: bug on loading different skins (even ones that are bigger resolution than the screen)
– fixed: karaoke soft/blurry images
– fixed: certain Karaoke zip files (with special characters in the name) won’t load
– fixed: crash when importing certain mp3 files (with bad ID3 tags)
– fixed: crash when using Singers List
– new controllers added: Novation Twitch, Numark NS6, Numark Quad, Reloop Contour IE, Reloop Mixage CE, Reloop Digital Jockey 2 CE,Akiyama Syncron, Novation Dicer, Numark MixTrack 2
– other small improvements and bug fixes

2.6.0 April 8 2013
– Edit BPM fixed
– Multiple fixes and improvements

New Controllers Added:
– American Audio 10MXR
– American Audio 14MXR
– American Audio 19MXR
– Beyond Music Abma3
– Beyond Music Abm4
– Numark MixTrack_Pro_2
– Numark N4
– Pioneer DDJ WeGO
– Pioneer XDJ Aero
– flexible support for HID controllers

2.5.2 Dec 12 2012
– Added Flexible Audio Routing options
– Mac version is now signed to run without security issues on Mountain Lion
– Possible Mp3 tracks length problem corrected
– Key stepper configurable (full/half/quarter steps)
New Controllers Added:
– Denon MC6000 / MC 3000
– Faderfox DJ3
– AA VersaDeck
– Numark Mixtrack
– Preferences window appears correctly after changing skins
– original American Audio VMS4 script removed from distribution
– minor bug fixes

2.2.5 April 10, 2012
– new controller: American Audio VMS2
– many improvements for American Audio VMS4
– speed optimizations
– several bug fixes (including possible Sync Crash)

2.2.4 March 8, 2012
– Added 12 New Controllers Supported:
– Akai LPD8
– Numark DJ2Go
– Numark MixTrack_Pro
– Pioneer DDJ_Ergo
– Reloop Contour_CE
– Reloop Mixage_IE
– Vestax VCI100
– Vestax VCI100 MK2
– Vestax VCI400
– Vextax Typhoon
– Zomo MC1000
– Stanton SCS.4DJ
– Added: Cue points markers (waveform)
– Added: Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

2.2.0 Oct 17, 2011
– Added: HID controllers support
– Added: DAC-3. BEAMZ, VMS4 Native Support.
– feature: iTunes browser integration
– change: press Play to continue playing after using CUE hot-starting (you can safely release the CUE button and playback will continue)

2.1.1 Sept 29, 2011
-Added: Favorite folder option (nest directories)
-Added: Numark total control support
-Added: 48 KHZ ASIO card support (Mac)
-Fix: minor bugs fixed

2.1.0 Sept 23, 2011
-Fixed: Possible crash with certain files
-Added: Zip file support for CDG’s
-Added: 48 KHZ ASIO card support (Windows)

2.0.9 Aug 25, 2011
-Fixed Database not saving bug
-Fixed appearing to hang when adding large folders. Now will process in background
2.0.7 June 30, 2011
-Initial Release