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Activation Instructions:

Note: Your machine must be online to activate this product. There is no offline activation service:

DO NOT RUN from your Internet browser. Save the setup file to your hard drive.

Please copy your license code from the original purchase email you received when you purchased and select “paste” on the activation screen.

If you are going to type the code in manually (you don’t have an original purchase email or you have a hard copy) please make sure that you enter in the code with your CAPS LOCK ON.

If you lost your Activation code Contact Support Here

Do not call Technical Support for an activation code as we do not give out licensing information over the phone. This is for the protection of the original license holder.

If you receive an error on start up “Your Venue VJ Subscription Is Blocked” Please Download and install the latest update using the link above

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DEX 1.x Tutorial Videos

Skipping, Stuttering, Audio Drop Outs and other Performance Issues

Please see this page for more information on preparing your machine for pro audio use: System Optimization For PCDJ Software

Creating your own skins for DEX 1.1:

Documentation for The XML Skinning System

Skinning the Playlist

Skinning Objects Definition

Creating Your Own Custom Commands For DEX 1.1:

DEX 1.1 Scripting Documentation

Version History

#1.1.7296 Jan 17 2011
-Fixed possible reactivation issue by replacing security

#1.1.7289 Oct 13 2010
Maintenance Release
-Fixed possible crash while using Autoplay
-Improved search for foreign characters and accents
-Fixed bug causing changes to a case to be lost when renaming a case

#1.1.7269 June 21 2010
-Fixed possible install issue on Windows XP

#1.1.7257 June 4 2010
-Added Hercules DJ Console Mk4 support
-Added right click BPM Quantization Sync
-Should fix doubles in Order column when deleting and adding songs to a playlist
-MP4 files with Apple Lossless can now be played (I.E. Promo Only MP4 Files)
-Could fix problems with dead links in playlists/cases
-Fixed bug causing playback of wma files to crash
-Fixed bug preventing cue points to be stored in right deck using AA-DP2 controller
-Order column is now remembered when opening different folders
-Fixed bug that could cause all files to be displayed as played
-Fixed bug causing mp4/m4a tags not to be displayed correctly in the decks sometimes
-Fixed bug causing mp4/m4a tags not to be saved sometimes
-Fixed bug that could cause a crash while trying to store read-only playlists
-Reloop Digital Jockey support improved
-Improved search while typing speed
-Improved master tempo quality
-Lots of performance enhancements and tweaks.

#7228 Feb 15 2010
-Fixed Possible Uniloc Reactivation
-Fixed problem with year column not showing up
-Initial support for Reloop Digital Jockey 2 controller (fx aren’t mapped yet)
-Fixed audio CD playback which no longer worked in earlier beta’s
-Improved ‘year’ tag reading
-Fixes possible search lock up
-Fixes problem that prevented cue points in m4a/mp4 files from showing up
-Fixes ratings not showing up sometimes
-Cue points are now stored for MP4/M4A files
-Fixed bug with Karaoki not being able to load certain files
-Comments field no longer shows iTunes binary data
-Fixed loaded playlist getting re-ordered when doing a search and sorting the search results
-Added option to automatically select the first cue point on load
-Added FLAC and AIFF recording of a mix
-Fixed ‘case’ button not working for sub-folders anymore
-Some small fixes and improvements to the tag database
-Fixed Preview player not working with DirectSound output
-Fixed problem connecting Denon controller (so far only seen on a Japanese Windows)
-Improvements to ‘Order’ column, you can now enable the order column at any time to re-order to the original order.
*Note that as soon as you close Dex the current order is stored and the old order is still lost
-Fixed VST effect on third deck being reset when turning on mic with BCD-2000 controller
-Fixed TAP button on Stanton DaScratch controller not working anymore to switch decks
-Fixed BPM detection not being accurate on certain track

#7147 Sept 28 2009
-Updated protection should fix some more performance issues
-Negative autofade time is now allowed to insert a gap between 2 songs in autoplay mode
-Improved DJ-Tech i-Mix support
-Added createddays and modifieddays fields to smart playlists
-M4A/MP4 tag writing added
-HC4500 display should be correct when returning from CD mode
-Master VST effect menu now shows VST name
-New smart playlist feature: group by range
-Fixed sampler pitch bend not returning to previous pitch on release
-Sampler pitch bend now also used ‘Enable tempo control on pitch bend’ option
-Fixed problem browsing to network shares
-Fixed bug preventing 2 Denon HS-5500’s to be used simultaneously
-Added Denon Controllers option to select Match button action
-Added DAC-2 ‘constant pitch bend’ option
-Fixed DAC3 ‘constant pitch bend’ option
-Right-click playlist/browser scroll bar to show total length of that folder or playlist
-Fix possible playlist search crash

#7084 Aug 6 2009
-Changed Activation Security
-Fixed HC4500 display when returning from CD mode
-Fixed small graphical artifacts that could appear when resizing a skin
-Fixed delete/rename not working correctly when used from case button
-Performance Enhancements (faster loading of files, Faster graphics)
-Fixed problem with m4a/mp4 tag length not showing up
-M4A/MP4 cover art should be loaded correctly now
-The Keyboard/mixnow button now correctly works with autoplay. This function is also used by some controllers, but some skins still use their own mixnow script
-Fixed some tag database bugs
-Fixed non-column mode playlist/browser format not being restored on startup
-Fixed switching decks on the HS-5500 causing pitch jumps
-Fixed using Reflex/MsPinky vinyl on sample rates other than 44.1 kHz
-Added threshold and cutoff options for Reflex/MsPinky to optimize behavior when needle is stopped
-M4A/MP4 tags that were still in the tag database from before the previous update are now automatically updated
-MP4/M4A tags are now shown when loading the song to a player, and length is also read from the tag while browsing
-Fixed some small issues with loading playlists and re-ordering them
-Added new EQ type Full Spectrum, which is a little stronger, and mid-eq better complements low and high eq
-TouchPadX and TouchPadY values can be used for midi controllers now
-4% pitch range added
-Fixed playback of .cue files (.cue’s in combination with audio files)
-Small improvements to tempo control quality
-Added keyboard/loadnext command to load the next track in the playlist
-Improved automatic beatgrid on tracks with variable bpm
-Time display changed so that it no longer shows decimals when the time is larger than 1 hour (looks better on certain skins)
-Fixed problem with ‘enable tempo control on pitch bend’ not disabling tempo control when used from a midi control when pitch bending is stopped.
-Added initial support for DJ-Tech i-Mix, DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload and DJ-Tech Kontrol One controllers
-Fixed preview player not working with DirectSound driver and output mode 4 or 5
-Fixed preview player in playlist/browser not working with DirectSound output in Output Mode 4 or 5
-Fixed possible crash when trying to load a file or change folder/case while a delete or move operation was in progress
-Fixed m4a/mp4 tag reading in playlist and browser
-Reading of unsynchronized id3v2 tags in playlist and browser is supported now
-Fixed possible lockup when trying to load unsupported files
-Added PCDJ RED Mobile Skins

#6997 June 9 2009
-New Track rating column
-new ability to have Dex send MTC midi clock
-Support for Monkey’s audio file format
-Playlist repeat option added
-New beat-grid added (only in FX skin)
-Support for new KARAOKI plug-in
-Audio engine upgraded

#6887 April 8 2009
-Smartlist functionality added
-Fixed Audio CD’s not playing anymore
-Added ‘Dump’ value to activate dump effect from keyboard or midi shortcuts
-Dump effect added for the HC-4500 (next to reverse/backspin/brake effects)
-Fixed problem removing color from tag
-Fixed problem with unicode characters in ogg vorbis tags
-Fixed problem with kbps column and certain files
-Added Edcast winamp plugin support (formerly known as Oddcast)
-It is now possible to select and re-arrange columns in playlist column mode
by right-clicking the column header
-Fixed tag cache problem with deleted files still showing up in the browser
-Fixed paths with double backslashes entering the database
-Added user interface to create and edit smart playlists
-Fixed possible crash when loading a song in a deck that had a wma or wav
file loaded
-Fixed some sampler bugs
-Fixed possible crash when opening certain mp3 files

#6788 March 11 2009
-Fixed option to disable tempo control while performing effects (Brake / Startup / Backspin)
-Improved behavior when using backspace in folder list
-Sampler can now be controlled using the HC-4500
-Added initial support for Stanton DaScratch controller
-Fixed problem with Autoplay not working from smart playlist or iTunes playlist
-Improved reading of tags
-Improved searching
-Fixed a database error keeping some groups from fully displaying contents

#6714 Feb 9 2009
-Fixed possible audio drop-out when scratching with a controller while tempo control was enabled

#6705 Feb 7 2009
-Fixed bug with Browser Preview function not working anymore
-Fixed bug where sometimes tags weren’t saved

#6703 Feb 5 2009
-Fixed some DAC-2 controller bugs
-Added Allen&Heath Xone:2D support (see here for more info)

#6677 Jan 26 2009
-Fixed possible crash with FLAC files
-Tag changes should be updated in the database correctly now
-DAC-3 scratch mode selection

#6676 Jan 24 2009
-Number of possible cue points and stored loops increased to 100
-Fixed problem reading tags with corrupt ETCO frame
-Fixed problem using break effect with new tempocontrol algorithm
-Fixed problem using loops on Line In and Vinyl Control in Absolute mode

#6667 Jan 11 2009
-Option to overwrite read-only files has been added to the bpm utility
-Fixed some small bugs

#6653 Jan 2 2009
-Fixed some sampler bugs
-Added Auto Fade Start position option

#6632 Dec 10 2008
-Fixed problem with exiting loops in some cases
-Fixed some tempo control problems
-pl_active_select will now load songs to the specified deck instead of adding them to the playlist

#6622 Dec 1 2008
-Fixed ID3v2 tag reading and writing for large tags in the v2.4 format
-Improvement in tempo control quality
-Fixed problem with AutoPlay not starting with the playing deck in some cases

#6601 Nov 13 2008
-Updated Dunks1984 skin
-Some HC-4500 improvements
-Manual updated to show the 1984 skin
-Added TimeCode2 Skin

#6593 Nov 5 2008
-Improved DN-HS5500 scratch performance
-Various small improvements to DAC-3 mapping
-‘loadsong’ script command added
-Fixed possible problem with AUTO button (sync bpm’s) not working correctly
-Added ‘SynchronizedLoop’ value to be used in skins, keyboard or midi mappings. When enabled, your loops will stay in sync on exit (useful when cutting loops in very small parts, but still remain beatmatched when exiting the loop)

#6586 Oct 22 2008
-Fixed bug with double-clicking on skins
-Fixed bug with reading/writing wav tags
-Some small bug fixes

#6577 Oct 8 2008
-Fixed some problems with new midi mapping method
-Added debug mode for build tag cache

#6573 Oct 7 2008
-Test for new way of midi mapping added
-Fixed problem retrieving the same loop twice with HC-4500
-Fixed visual problem adding folders in bpm detect utility
-Fixed problem with bold selection in autoplay when a file is added twice

#6567 Sep 26 2008
-Fixed problem with autoplay when a file was twice in the playlist
-Unicode search option added (open F1 search window to activate)
-Autofade time can no longer be set to 0, which could cause autoplay to stop working

#6563 Sep 22 2008
-Fixed problem adding files to playlist with DEX from Explorer->Open With…
-Added OverdubMonitor skin object to enable/disable monitor while using overdub
-Removed MFC42.DLL from installation

#6545 Sep 8 2008
-Reverse button on DAC-3 works correctly again
-Saving 4th audio input and output settings fixed

#6537 Sept 2 2008
-24-bit FLAC files supported
-RecordInput skin object now returns state and can be used to toggle recording off too
-OverDubInput object added to record over existing audio (will only work correctly on non-streaming, or RecordInput audio)

#6536 Aug 28 2008
-HC-4500 effects on deck 2 weren’t working in previous beta anymore
-Added flanger length selection on hc-4500

#6524 Aug 19 2008
-DJ Console RMX support improved
-Fixed problem opening corrupted wav files
-Small improvement with setting loop length
-Master to Cue is now actually a copy of the master output, not just the same volume

#6513 Aug 11 2008
-Some small skinning fixes
-MIDI performance improvements
-VCI-100 SE supported

#6499 Aug 3 2008
-Fixed problem with loading master vst effect presets
-Fixed problem using 2 denon controllers for deck 1/2 (such as 2 S1200’s)
-Added option to disable mix now button on dac-3 controller

#6486 2008-07-22
-Small improvement to auto-advance
-Fixed crash reading certain wav files
-Fixed small problem with entering registration code

#6481 2008-07-15
-DN-HS5500 support improved

#6465 2008-07-03
-Fixed slowness reading unsynchronized id3v2 tags
-Improved skin loading speed
-Script variables are reset when loading a new skin

#6445 2008-06-28
-Fixes some id3 tag problems

#6439 2008-06-17
-DJDEX BPM Utility now uses same settings dir on vista as DJDEX
-Initial Hercules DJ Console RMX support added
-Should fix bug editing tags from within DJDEX
-AND search setting is stored when closing DJDEX

#6435 2008-06-12
-BPM from tag is now sent to VST effects if detected BPM is too uncertain
-Pitch Bend on controllers should work better again
-Flanger can be used on DAC-3
-addtrigger and removetrigger script commands added

#6427 2008-06-08
-EKS XP5 support added
-DN HS-S5500 test code added
-Small search bug fixed
-MIDI Jog Wheel pitch bend should be smoother

#6415 2008-06-04
-Added choice between Exact Match and AND search on F1 search window
-Cue points are now stored in WAV tags
-Some small skinning fixes

#6409 2008-05-23
-Small DAC-2 and DAC-3 improvements
-Fixed autoplay folder icons not working correctly

#6401 2008-05-17
-Some small DAC-3 improvements
-Some Numark Total Control improvements
-WAV Tag writing added
-Scripting: It is now possible to see if a script is running

#6392 2008-05-08
-Fixed problem playing mono mp3’s
-Added AIFF file support
-Track Loading using timecoded vinyl is now possible
-DJDEX TimeCode should work better now

#6378 2008-04-30
-Wav and ogg decoding are no longer done with the FMod sound engine
-Fixed problem resizing some skins with the SSE/SSE2 optimized version
-Fixed some small bugs with cue mode selections
-Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when loading a new skin

-Added New PCDJ DEX RED VRM Skin.
-Added New AutoPlay Modes: Basic, Beatmatching, in which you can adjust fade time, and Fully Automatic.
-Added ability to right click on any folder and set it as Autoplay folder.
-Added Headphone Cue Buttons (PFL or Cue) in Mixer section of skins.

#6367 2008-04-23
-4 decks support for BCD-2000
-Initial support for DN-HS5500
-VCI-100 jog wheel improvements
-Some playlist and auto-advance fixes
-Support for 2 VCI’s or 2 Denon controllers in Vista working

#6322 2008-04-09
-skin now has search field on playlist window
-Fixed midi bindings bug
-Some DAC-2 improvements
-BPM Detection utility fixed
-Fixed some playlist problems when using record cases in browser and playlist part together

#6302 2008-03-31
-Fixed some small HC4500 issues
-Fixed some scripting bugs
-Fixed some sampler bugs
-Added option on console to open settings folder
-Could improve DJDEX Timecode cpu usage

#6284 2008-03-19
-Fixed problems with cueing introduced in previous beta
-Fixed drag&drop on custom windows
-Backspinning with HC4500 jog wheel should work better
-Minimize bugs fixed

#6279 2008-03-18
-Fixed various HC4500 bugs
-Fixed various skin bugs
-Fixed some sampler bugs

#6256 2008-03-11
-Preview player bugs fixed
-Flip+Load on DN-HC4500 switches deck 1 to deck 3 or deck 2 to deck 4
-Initial Numark Total Control support
-Added option to select any specific folder for autoplay
-loadvst script command fixed
-setabs script command can now be used to open/hide windows

#6250 2008-03-10
-Skinning: ShowDeck and ShowPL also return state info now
-Scripts: setabs can be used with 0 and 1 to show/hide windows
-Some bugs reading certain id3v2 tags fixed
-Autoplay folder or playlist can be selected by right-clicking it in the folder list
-VST effect slots 3 and 4 can actually be used now

#6238 2008-03-06
-Fixed VST menus
-Skins: Added %[BPM00] and %[BPM0] for TrackInfoCustom objects
-Skins: Fixed custom window bugs
-Skins: Fixed some problems using scripts with wait command