RED 5.2 and Blue 5.2 Software Downloads

  • RED 5.2

    PCDJ Red 5.2. Download if your license code looks like A100-XXXX-. Last tested on windows XP.

  • Blue 5.2

    Blue 5.2. Only download if your license code looks like B100-XXX-. Last tested on Windows XP.

5.2 Floating Point Error

RED 5.2 was discontinued over 10 years ago. It seems a windows update has launched, or an internal error in the software generated by its built-in protection, has caused this issue for old RED/blue 5.2 customers. Keep in mind our development team didn’t develop RED 5.2, nor our company (Digital 1 Audio purchased the PCDJ brand from Visiosonic in 2006, well after 5.2 was discontinued).   We don’t have any way to truly support the old Visiosonic Software.  However, we have been told that if you roll back your system clock (double click clock in your system tray, roll it back to a year ago or so and it works), or try a system restore, it may fix the issue as it reportedly has for other RED 5.2 users.

If you do have a windows 7 or windows 8 based computer we do have a great upgrade option for RED 5.2 users right now.  You can get our just-updated and redesigned PCDJ DEX 2 (mixes audio, music videos and karaoke – all-in-one solution for all entertainment purposes) for deep discount.  A great value for our new top solution, designed by us.  This includes free updates for the life of the product and support.  If you’re interested in upgrading at this discount, call our sales staff at 877-999-7235 ext 2.

RED 5.2 and Blue 5.2 Related Downloads and Manuals

5.2 Tutorial Videos


The below link will take you to a 3rd party site. The utilities on this site are not made our supported by PCDJ. These utilities will allow you to print and back up your recordcase along with other features. To download these applications visit the website listed below.