PCDJ Company Profile

The award-winning PCDJ brand of software and hardware products for professional DJs and musicians is offered by Digital 1 Audio, Inc. (D1DJ). The PCDJ suite of advanced, digital products is the acknowledged industry pioneer and leader, enabling professional DJs to have significantly enhanced control over their original, musical performances.

PCDJ products also come in versions designed for the novice and intermediate, to enable anyone to be a digital DJ. At the D1DJ headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, the Company maintains an expert staff of salespeople and technicians to ensure that the growing community of PCDJ users has access to qualified information in order to choose, and benefit, from our products.

Since the first launch of PCDJ products online in 1999, pcdj.com has been a leader in the new Internet music economy. Millions of copies of PCDJ’s demo software have been downloaded, and pcdj.com has consistently been in the top 1% of most visited Web sites worldwide.

PCDJ products are designed by professional musicians, DJs and audio engineers, with their own requirements in mind. In addition to the creation of next-generation tools for live musical performances, D1DJ’s developers also provide advanced audio software development services to a number of high-profile, international clients and partners.


  • DEX 3.10 (and up) was released as a true all-in-one entertainment software solution for the new, versatile mobile DJ. Now with Shader support, support for the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription, and support for over 100 popular DJ controllers.
  • Released LYRX, karaoke show hosting software designed exclusively for MAC. The first full featured professional karaoke show hosting solution for OSX.
  • First DJ software to support Pulselocker – worlds first online and offline music streaming subscription service designed for professional DJs.
  • Developed the new PCDJ DEX 3DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE DJ software platform, which is the foundation for the next  5+ years of upgrades. The new “core-code” is responsive and deploy-able to any OS – which has laid the groundwork for new tablet versions coming this year (2015).
  • Developed our own custom audio engine and video mixing engine present in PCDJ DEX 2.
  • Released in-app support for SongbookDB – allowing PCDJ Karaoki customers to receive remote song requests from singers phones.
  • Worked with Digitrax Entertrainment in creating the first karaoke software (PCDJ Karaoki) with in-app support for the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription – worlds first and only professional karaoke subscription designed for commercial use.
  • Developed VenueVJ.com / VenueDJ.com the much awaited digital Audio/Video/Karaoke download service for commercial use. These Audio/Video/Karaoke files are licensed for play back in hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars, events, and by mobile DJ’s and VJ’s.
  • Developed the PCDJ REFLEX high-performance mixing software for professional DJs. The product is marketed through the Company’s subsidiary, Digital 1 DJ (pcdj.com). PCDJ Reflex® boasts more than 100 new features not found in the Company’s popular PCDJ FX VRM dual audio-file player. With the Reflex® product offering, Digital 1 DJ has achieved a more complete and advanced DJ software solution then anything else currently available on the market.
  • Developed the PCDJ DEX, a new and innovative software package for beginner and professional Disc Jockeys. PCDJ DEX allows DJ’s to professionally mix MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV files or audio CD’s easily and efficiently with many different DJ-style MIDI Controllers on the market today.
  • Developed the PCDJ VJ (Video Jockey),, a new software package for Disc Jockeys that allows them to professionally mix Audio, Music Videos, and Karaoke files. PCDJ VJ is a high-performance PC mixing software that represents the direction in which many DJ’s and entertainers perform today, offering much more then just basic music mixing.
  • Developed the PCDJ DMX intelligent lighting control software able to create elaborate light shows easily at club s, mobile DJ events or any large venue.
  • Developed the Xbox HALO 2Mash-up Mixer consumer product to enable users to mix and remix tracks from the video game soundtrack.
  • Developed the VRM (Virtual Rack Module) plug-in expansion technology that enables the user to add additional components to their software. PCDJ produces multiple VRM components to expand the creativity of the DJ or musician.
  • Developed the PCDJ-KJ Karaoke VRM plug-in that extended the PCDJ software to use MP3+G and WMA+G files for karaoke performances.
  • Developed the PCDJ Scratch vinyl interface for professional digital music control with turntables.
  • Honored as the Winner of the ProDJ.com DJ’s Choice Award 2004 for Best Computer DJ Software or Hardware of the Year .Developed and manufactured the DAC-2 and DAC-3 (Digital Audio Controller). hardware control devices to operate the PCDJ software and provide the world’s best user interface for controlling music effectively and professionally.
  • Developed the new PCDJ-FX with over 100 new features and functions, and a new interface, to meet the needs of the growing market. Used by thousands of clubs and DJ’s worldwide including Jason Nevins.
  • Developed the PCDJ RED, BLUE and FX lines of DJ software to suit the needs of multiple levels of DJ’s and enthusiasts,,from beginners to professionals.
  • Developed the leading digital music mixing, performance software – PCDJ – with more than 9 million demo versions downloaded since 1999.
  • Was among the first to launch full streaming 24/7 PCDJ Broadcaster (Internet radio)with the latest music, new releases from leading artists, syndicated programming and live sets.