PCDJ FX, RED and Blue VRM Software Downloads

VRM Related Downloads and Manuals

  • Windows XP: VRM Hangs On Reading CD Contents Patch

    If you have VRM hanging on “Reading CD Contents” on start up download this patch for Windows XP to enable ripping inside PCDJ VRM. Extract the zip file and run the EXE. You are still encouraged to use audiograbber for ripping instead of the the VRM ripper.

  • Windows Vista 32bit: Hang on reading CD contents patch

    If you have VRM hanging on “Reading CD Contents” on start up on Windows Vista 32 bitdownload Download the following .DLL file. This file must be placed in the C:/Program Files/Windows/System32 Folder.

    If after installing these patches and you still have VRM hanging on reading CD contents on start up you will need to kill off PCDJ trying to connect to your DVD / CD Rom Drive. Double click on the KILLASPI.BAT found in c:/program files/visiosonic/ PCDJ VRM/forceaspi folder (if Running Vista you will need to right click on this file and select “run as administrator). You will lose your ability to RIPP with PCDJ VRM, but can use another ripping utility such as Audiograbber, which does not rely on ASPI to copy music from CD’s.

VRM Tutorial Videos


The below link will take you to a 3rd party site. The utilities on this site are not made our supported by PCDJ. The utilities will allow you to print and back up your recordcase along with other features. To download these applications visit the websites listed below.

Use Tag Sweeper to wipe out all tag information. WARNING USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Make a backup copy of your music to test this on..