KJ VRM Software Downloads

You may have reached this page by clicking Register PCDJ KJ icon on your desktop or just browsing our support pages. Either case if you installed of the KJ VRM CD-ROM then you must Uninstall the KJ version you have installed, then Download and Install one of the two PCDJ KJ important updates options below. After installing update you must click the Register PCDJ KJ(usa) one more time to Activate. IGNORE this page the second time. Your KJ is now registered. You can now open the KJ VRM Stand alone by clicking on the program icon or open FX, RED or Blue VRM and show the plug in by clicking on the + or – buttons at the top of the skin. You do NOT have to enter in a KJ VRM license code or perform the old online registration process.

Download and install PCDJ KJ Plug-In only if you own and installed PCDJ BLUE, RED, or FX VRM otherwise use Standalone version below. To access the KJ Plug-in open BLUE, RED, or FX VRM, look at the top center tool bar, click the small square VRM icon so it lights up blue and then click small + / – buttons to scroll thru plug-ins till you see KJ.

  • Windows: PCDJ KJ VRM 1.1.1018 (Standalone)

    PCDJ KJ VRM 1.1.1018 (Standalone). Download and install PCDJ KJ Standalone only if you do NOT own one of our PCDJ BLUE, RED or FX  VRM DJ Programs. Last Tested on Windows Vista 32 bit. Will not install or run on Windows 7/8

KJ VRM Related Downloads and Manuals

  • Windows XP: VRM Hangs On Reading CD Contents Patch

    If you have VRM hanging on “Reading CD Contents” on start up download this patch for Windows XP to enable ripping inside PCDJ VRM. Extract the zip file and run the EXE. You are still encouraged to use audiograbber for ripping instead of the the VRM ripper.

  • Windows Vista 32bit: Hang on reading CD contents patch

    If you have VRM hanging on “Reading CD Contents” on start up on Windows Vista 32 bitdownload Download the following .DLL file. This file must be placed in the C:/Program Files/Windows/System32 Folder.

    If after installing these patches and you still have VRM hanging on reading CD contents on start up you will need to kill off PCDJ trying to connect to your DVD / CD Rom Drive. Double click on the KILLASPI.BAT found in c:/program files/visiosonic/ PCDJ VRM/forceaspi folder (if Running Vista you will need to right click on this file and select “run as administrator). You will lose your ability to RIPP with PCDJ VRM, but can use another ripping utility such as Audiograbber, which does not rely on ASPI to copy music from CD’s.