BPM Supreme now offers Curated Sets to help DJs save time

BPM Supreme curated lists

If you’re not familiar with the way BPM Supreme’s record pool works, a Standard membership (Try a BPM Supreme Standard Subscription for 1-month FREE!) gives you access to download thousands of tracks and music videos for one low monthly price. When you upgrade to a Premium membership, you’ll have the same access to music but also get Curated Sets as an added feature.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your weekend DJ gig, or maybe you have a corporate event or wedding that has requested a music genre you’re not too familiar with, Curated Sets help save you time and energy searching for the right tracks. BPM Supreme’s staff of DJs and experts have hand-selected the tracks in each Curated Sets like Summer 18, Todo Latino, Country Hits, Festival Trap, Old School Wedding, and many more.

Read more about Curated Sets here on BPM Supreme’s website


BPM Supreme DJ and Music Video Record Pool

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