Thanks for taking one of our karaoke software solutions for a test drive!

Karaoki features a 14 day fully functional free trial which allows you test out all features. After 14 days you are prompted to enter in a purchased activation code.

LYRX free trial will automatically shut down after every 20 minutes of use. You can re-open LYRX and use it for as many 20-minute sessions as you wish (no feature limitations).

Karaoke File Name Fixer free trial is not time limited but you can only output 30 renamed/fixed karaoke files.

LYRX (for Windows and MAC)

LYRX karaoke program from MAC with karaoke subscription

LYRX is modern, snappy karaoke show hosting software for MAC and Windows. The newest live performance software product in our lineup, LYRX uses the same technology found in our DEX 3 DJ software and includes singer rotation management, singer/song history, filler music player, support for the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription — and more!

PCDJ Karaoki Professional Karaoke Software

PCDJ Karaoki

PCDJ KARAOKI is our karaoke show hosting software designed for karaoke hosts that demand a robust, all-encompassing modern feature set. Karaoki includes an automatic singer rotation list with singer/song history, key stepper, news ticker, the ability to create or export a song book, a (filler) background music player, and many other useful features the modern KJs requires to perform.

PCDJ Karaoke File Name Fixer

Fix Karaoke File Names With Karaoke File Name Fixer

If you have messy karaoke file names or various karaoke file naming conventions in your karaoke library Karaoke File Name Fixer ($19.99) for Windows can help! Karaoke File Name Fixer allows you to batch rename your karaoke files (MP3+G and Zipped MP3+G) so they all conform to one standard file naming convention.