Year in Review | 2020

Who else is ready for 2021? 🙋🏽‍♂️

21 years in business and no prior year was as turbulent as this last one was for DJs, KJs, our industry, and our global community as a whole. When COVID-19 took hold throughout the world and bars and clubs closed and events were cancelled, there was cause for alarm — and rightfully so.

However, DJs and Karaoke Hosts always bet on themselves, they’re fighters, and they found a way to prevail, with many doing their part to entertain the masses through live streams and other avenues.

PCDJ wasn’t immune to the struggle, and while we saw an understandable decrease in interest in the pro-space and venues we saw a sizable and measurable increase in interest from bedroom DJs and hobbyist’s. I think we’ll see a lot of new DJs with extensive practice already under their belt as things slowly creep back to a level of normalcy for us all.

Our development teams also stayed busy in 2020 with progress made across our entire lineup of professional live performance DJ and karaoke software. As we like to do each year, here’s a snapshot of a few of our top milestones over the last 12 months.

2020 PCDJ Milestones

  • DEX 3 received various upgrades included karaoke singer search, Beatport and Beatsource LINK streaming support (providing in-app access to millions of songs), new key detection and key mixing features, and support for various DJ controllers: Numark DJ2Go2 Touch and Mixtrack Platinum FX, Reloop DJ Touch (with full native display support), Hercules DJControl Starlight, Inpulse 200, Inpulse 300, and Inpulse 500.
  • LYRX also received a myriad of new updates including a filler music player, singer (history) search, multiplex karaoke file support, and more.
  • DEX 3 and LYRX support for macOS Catalina and Big Sur
  • Extensive Optimizations, performance improvements, and bug fixes for both DEX 3 and LYRX
  • Party Tyme Karaoke continued to roll out new hit karaoke songs weekly, making it the preferred professional karaoke subscription for karaoke hosts (built into both DEX 3 and LYRX)
  • Karaoki received a much requested update with a karaoke singer scroll feature and other news ticker related improvements.
  • Began development with new partners of new features and services that will kick off in early 2021 (We’re beta testing the new remote singer/song request system for both DEX 3 and LYRX right now – look for a release in January 2021!).

With 2020 in the books we’re anxiously looking forward to building on our momentum in 2021. New features, new services, and a more is on the way for our software lineup.

Happy New Year — and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2021!