Digigames | Wireless Buzzers Quiz Buzzers Trivia Software Explained (Video)

Trivia with wireless buzzers adds interactive excitement to parties, corporate events, bars and restaurants.

Digigames is the go-to wireless trivia system in the arena, with the TM-120 being the gold standard. The first segment of the video above explains how the TM-120 Trivia Party system works.

When Digigames shipped us a demo TM-120 system a couple years ago we literally lost about a half day of production in the boiler room (sales floor). Instead we were creating custom Q&A’s with many PCDJ ‘inside jokes’ and splitting sides all afternoon.

TM-120 Trivia Quiz buzzer and software

The TM-120 Wireless Trivia (with lock out buzzers) System was so easy to setup and use, and way more fun than we initially thought it would be (we think of ourselves as super-cool-and-cutting-edge-DJs, there’s no way we’d like Trivia!), we decided it was a perfect fit for our mobile DJ community of customers – so we began offering it.  If we were having that much fun we knew it would be a blast at events.

The guys at Digigames set us up with an exclusive TM-120 package that includes 4 games (Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Squares, Trivia Fortune) and a total of 5 wireless lock-out buzzers. Best of all, we provide an exclusive discount; DJs can purchase the TM-120 for $699 – $100 less than anywhere else. We also extend free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

The TM-120 Wireless Buzzers and Trivia Software is an excellent up-sell package for Mobile DJ companies, especially those that do corporate events. If you’re a restaurant or bar owner or DJ, it’s easy to get patrons to join in the Q&A fun.


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