Why PCDJ Offers Digigames Trivia Software and Lock-Out Buzzers

While PCDJ has been in the business of creating live-performance DJ software and karaoke software for 15 years, the cornerstone of our business, we always keep an eye out for other tools Mobile DJs can use to build their business and generate more revenue. 

Digigames, the makers of the Trivia Party software suite and corresponding lock-out buzzers, contacted us close to 5 years ago.  They (correctly) figured ourDigigams Trivia Party Software Suite and 5 Lock-Out Buzzers brand and customer based, which heavily consists of Mobile DJ entertainers, were a perfect distribution fit for the TM-120 software suite and 5 buzzers.  We were initially pretty impressed with the information they provided us but wanted to get our hands on the product to review quality and usability. I immediately requested a shipment of the 5 lock-out buzzers and Trivia Party suite of software.   

It was a Tuesday afternoon when we took delivery of the Trivia Party package.  I unboxed the package, installed the software, and distributed the buzzers to each colleauge in our sales and marketing office.   As a manager I should've known better, as no further "work" was completed that day – we spent the remainder of the afternoon playing the various included classic software games: Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Squares, Trivia Fortune.  Sales guys are competitive in nature, so it was a very loud afternoon at PCDJ HQ.   We were sold.

As Rob Johnson of Digigames put it: 

Across the nation and around the world, most entertainers strive for the latest and greatest methods for increasing the value of their shows. Better value means more bookings. More bookings means more revenue. Some have found that a good way to increase show value is with the use of interactive games, karaoke, up lighting and so forth.

Trivia Party is a great way to increase your Mobile DJ business profile, and offer an interactive and fun way to engage your audience!


To learn more about the TM-120 system and included Trivia Party Suite of included Software Click HERE

Here's a live-action video showcasing the TM-120 and Trivia Party Software Suite:

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