Why should you DJ with PCDJ DEX 3?
No question, there are DJ software options galore, for all types of DJs – but why DJ with DEX 3?

As a DJ you have to stick out from the crowd in order to create a name for yourself.  You have to get noticed. If you don’t, you’re just an ‘also-ran‘ and fans and clients will soon forget about the event experience, and your name.

You have to do more, or do something better, than the other guy. So why DJ with DEX 3?

DEX 3 isn’t just a run-of-the-mill DJ program — you can mix music videos just like audio, applying effects and text, image and video overlays, as well as host karaoke in a pinch. If you can offer your fans an immersive multi-media experience they will remember you, and you will land more referrals and DJ opportunities.

Mix music and music videos with a keyboard or mouse, or select from a ever-growing list of over 90 supported DJ controllers, from the most popular brands in the business such as Numark, Pioneer DJ, Reloop DJ, Denon DJ, Hercules DJ and more. Unlike other DJ software, controllers are truly plug-and-play – DEX 3 will detect your DJ controller in real time and just work. Not only that, you can use up to 8 controllers at once, allowing you to get ultra creative in the mix.

Using DEX 3 also means you have optional in-app access to an unlimited catalog of music from our partners at Pulselocker – dubbed the ‘Spotify for DJs‘.  You can fill every song request, no matter the genre of music, level of obscurity or the year it was released – it’s IN there. Best of all, you can physically download as many tracks from the Pulselocker library that your hard drive can handle for offline playback. No internet required.

DEX 3 DJs also enjoy free upgrades for life, activation for three different machines (MAC or Windows) and the best customer service in the business — yes, that sound you hear is us tooting our own horn!

So you can get a taste for why you should DJ with DEX 3, here’s a video walk through of some of unique DEX 3 features released over the last few months — an in-depth look at just some of the capabilities that will help you provide a better, more memorable experience for your fans and clients.

DEX 3’s “Video Link” will loop videos on screen while playing only audio tracks, which you can choose to randomize
DEX 3’s Text, Image And Video Overlays Feature
Using Pulselocker and downloading tracks for OFFLINE use

Why DJ with DEX 3 DJ Software? Because you can do more and truly wow your audience to keep them begging for more!