Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?

Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From? 

It’s been over 10 years.  Wow, I’m old.

The first DJ controller on the market ever, meaning sold commercially in stores as a true professional DJ software controller, was the Numark DMC-1.

This simple, yet very efficient and effective DJ controller at the time, was created by one of our PCDJ team members who oversaw production in China.  I still remember the first prototype, with clunky hard plastic buttons and a chrome faceplate that drove you absolutely bonkers trying to keep free of finger smudges (which wasn’t changed, but still remains iconic in it’s own smugetastic way).

In those early days of DJing with a computer new technology like this was met with ample trepidation from professional DJ’s.

“Computers Crash!”   “No way I would ever rely on Windows for live performances!” etc etc…

Subsequently, the Numark DMC-1 controller sales were slow for almost a year, even in mega-chain stores like Guitar Center – then something changed.  Namely, Windows XP was released and computers were becoming a more trusted technology – especially among the younger and trend setting DJ’s.

Fast forward to today: DJ Midi Controllers are now the bulk of what all the major DJ hardware manufacturers produce.  Pioneer DJ, Numark, Gemini, Denon, Hercules, Stanton, and many others all have multiple and technologically advanced DJ controllers that work with various DJ software applications – including PCDJ.

It seems like new DJ controllers are being created at an amazing pace, with new units shipping every month – I’ll admit it’s tough for us as a software developer to keep up!

We have to have the manufacturer ship us the controller and then spend many hours mapping and testing each function to ensure stable and quality use.  It’s tedious, but well worth the effort for our users.

It’s amazing to think it all started with that little 2U 19″ rackmountable controller – the Numark DMC-1.

Here is a current list of what DJ controllers we natively support in PCDJ DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2 (meaning we built-in support and you do not have to user our MIDI LEARN feature to map the controller yourself)  Many more to come, and this months update for our line will include 4 new much requested DJ controllers:

  • American Audio DP-2
  • DENON DN-HC4500
  • PCDJ DAC-3
  • American Audio VM4 and VMS4.1
  • Numark MixTrack Pro, DJ2Go, Total Control
  • Pioneer DDJ_Ergo
  • Reloop Contour_CE
  • Zomo MC1000
  • Stanton SCS.4DJ
  • Beamz
  • Behringer BCD-2000/3000
  • Hercules DJ Console Mk1
  • Hercules DJ Console Mk2
  • Hercules DJ Console RMX
  • Hercules DJ Console MK4
  • Hercules DJ Control Steel
  • Hercules DJ Control MP3
  • Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
  • M-Audio Xponent
  • Vestax VCI-100 / VCM-100, VCI-100mk2, VCI-400, Typhoon
  • Reloop Digital Jockey 2
  • DJ-IE2
  • Akai, LPD8
Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?