A Glimpse at What’s in Store for Karaoki Karaoke Software in 2018

New Karaoki updates in 2018

Karaoki is PCDJ’s top karaoke show hosting software solution for Windows. How will the already robust karaoke player get better in 2018?

Karaoki has been a market-leading professional show hosting software for the last 9 years with nearly 60,000 users in more than 56 different countries. The feature depth for hosting karaoke is subsequently cavernous, with some of the latest editions being improvements and updates to the filler music player (automated background music player), a new ‘search results’ library view, improved overall search performance improvements, ‘fade to stop’ and more.

Karaoki is clearly an already polished karaoke software but there is always room for improvement. Our KJ customers have always been fantastic when it comes to providing in-depth requests for new features or feature improvements; a tremendous resource for our development team. We take many design cues from users — via phone calls, support tickets, and user forum posts. Many of the received requests will make their way into Karaoki through various free updates in 2018.

So without further ado, Here’s a glimpse at a few of our top goals for Karaoki in 2018:

  • Native video playback support (without the requirement for installing a third-party codec pack): A top request for many KJs using MP4 karaoke video files, we will have a solution for video playback in Karaoki without the need for installing a video code pack.
  • A new Slide Show feature that can automatically be displayed on the ‘next singers’ screen (screen 2 display) while filler music is playing.
  • Singer Scroll: Instead of only displaying singers on-screen between songs on the secondary display (screen 2), users will have the option to have the singer names scroll at the bottom of the screen while lyrics are also being displayed.
  • Launch (finally!) support for KaraoQ, a very modern and feature-rich singer/song remote request platform with marketing capabilities and more. Disruptive technology that we’re excited about.
  • A few new options for singer rotation management that will make things even easier on the host during a busy night of karaoke.
  • New built-in karaoke song store options: We should have one new option for U.S.A. based customers and one for Europe based customers.
  • Release a SaaS version of Karaoki:  A subscription based option for those KJs that would rather pay on-the-go.
  • Various performance improvements

Please keep in mind this isn’t a ‘tell all’ as we have to keep a few goals and surprises up our collective sleeve. Our customers aren’t the only entities following this blog!

You’ve heard from us and now we want to hear from you!  What would you like to see added to Karaoki in 2018?  Please use the comments section below to share with us and the Karaoki user community!

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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Karaoki for MAC may or may not happen, this year or otherwise. As a .NET based application the hurdles are massive. Furthermore, until Karaoki can natively support HD video files we can’t included support for Party Tyme. They provide their files in HD MP4 format and since Karoaki isn’t (yet) a native video player we won’t support PT properly. LYRX (and DEX 3) will receive many karaoke-specific updates over the next few months – and LYRX is native for MAC. Here’s a list of what’s in store for LYRX in 2018 – it sounds like it may serve your needs best of MAC/PT support is important!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Yes, and you can already do this on import into Karaoki (id3tag extraction is supported). From the extraction method drop down menu select the very last option and it will extract tags for MP4 and/or Mp3 (if they have them).

  1. Crissy Johnston
    Crissy Johnston says:

    Having the singer song lists separated with columns for artist and song title so we can search either instead of only by artist (or however people have their files named)

  2. Crissy Johnston
    Crissy Johnston says:

    Background Music to skip to the next song instead of coming back in with the song previously played between singers… (or an option to have it do either) unless it already does this and i haven’t figured it out. Haha!

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