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Over the last 17 years we’ve pioneered DJ software and karaoke software technologies.

Many of PCDJ’s initial innovations in the performance software space were dreamt-up in the collective minds of our much-smarter-than-I developers. In ’98 we paved the way for the future of DJing, proving to the world that using a PC to DJ with would transform the way DJs mix and interact with their music forever.

DEX 3 DJ mixing software at the club

However, if not for our user forums and the tremendous about of willing feedback our customers provided our entertainment software solutions would have evolved much slower than they did. After all, as much as we were pioneering new ground the early adopters of the technology were out there in the field using it  — who better to help us set the ground-work for future updates?

We continue to pride ourselves on keeping and ear to the ground. We openly invite user feedback, requesting our free trial DJs to provide feedback directly to our sales staff.  We organize this data, and support inquiries, and discuss it with our entire team at least twice monthly, letting staff chime in in round-robin fashion.

Is this a feature or change most DJs or KJs would enjoy?  Does it keep within our overall design goals and scheme?  CAN we do it? 

The PCDJ team is in agreement that with the launch of our new user forums two weeks ago and because we’re on the cusp of some fairly substantial updates to DEX 3, RED Mobile 3 and Karaoki that right now presents an ideal opportunity to poll our users on what features they would like to see added to our products.

Karaoke Software at Club

What features would you like to see added to either one of our DJ software applications, DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3?  What’s the next big thing for KJs using Karaoki? We want to know. You’ve already invested in the product and our company, now we want to know what features would make that investment that much more worth-while to you and your DJ business.

We’ve setup “wishlist” threads on the user forums; click the option below for the product you wish to provide suggestions for to take you to the appropriate thread.



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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Would love to see the BGM allow for video playback. I love playing music videos during my shows, and it is kind of clunky at the moment. To see and hear the smooth transition to a music video, automatically, would easily increase the visual performance of the show.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks Sean! If you don’t mind, please post all future feature requests for Karaoki in the wishlist forum HERE

      Video playback for the BMG (filler music) Player is something we’ve had a lot of requests for. We are working on native playback of videos in Karaoki (without the required use of third-party codecs), and after that is completed having support for automated video playback in the BGM, just like it works with audio now, would be a likely addition.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    I would like something along the lines of FX VRM + KJ plugin. I still use this for karaoke. It is unbeatable! The sound quality, the amount by which the key can be altered, the singer list, the fact that I can use ANY saved (or quickly edited) main screen then simply click a button for the ‘next singer’.

    Yes, there a few shortcomings – beatmatching would be easier if the audio had graphics, and it would be nicer if I could create a playlist at the gig (like Dex of many other DJ software programmes – I won’t say virtual or otherwise lol).

    I don’t need a programme that remembers peoples key changes. But on FX with KJ, I use the waitlist for some preset easy to get to playlists, and the default playlist for singers’ karaoke folders – that’s all I need!
    When doing karaoke gigs, I pick and choose the between singer tunes according to the mood, and what’s just been sung. This is where the FX VRM is perfect. Karaoki isnt!

    Perhaps also a couple of other buttons for things like sound effects, rather than having to use one of the decks. I always play an applause sound effect after the singer – it fills the gap between the karaoke and the music track.

    I have looked at Dex, but it doesn’t fulfil my needs. I currently use Dex 1.1 for discos only.

    Tha’ts my thoughts

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks! I’m surprised you suggest DEX 3 doesn’t fit your requirements – as it does all these things, and has a much improved sound engine (sound quality) over any previous PCDJ software application.

      You have key stepping (when you apply high quality time stretching, which is key lock), The singers list (which displays ‘next singers’ on screen as well), sound effects buttons (assignable sample decks for any samples you wish), visual beat mixing (beat grid) with Beat sync (which locks to the beat based on the beat grid), etc. It has all the main features from KJ VRM, and the mixing capabilities of DEX 1 (with many improvements).

      Maybe it’s time to try DEX 3 again? It sounds like you possibly tried an earlier release, but lots has been added recently to DEX 3 – including more karaoke specific functionality.

      The wishlist forums is a good place to post the user feedback – you can find a wishlist forum in each of the main product forums for DEX 3, RED Mobile 3 and Karaoki HERE.


      • Ryan Sherr
        Ryan Sherr says:

        To add to this, Karaoki is a much better software for managing a multiple singer rotation (30+) since it manages the rotation for you (singers are only in the list once, but have a “quantity” next to their name to indicate how many songs in their queue – they are auto-rotated to the bottom of the rotation list after they sing etc) and stores a singer history (every singer has their own database of songs they sang). LOAD NEXT SINGER always loads and plays the top track from rotation, so it truly doesn’t get much better. Karaoki has everything KJ VRM has, but loads more – and it support many more files, has support for remote requests, a news ticker, the ability to put your own images behind the lyrics and more…

        It’s our best selling karaoke software for professionals ever, so maybe you should test drive it again as well? Thanks!

  3. Jim Colbert
    Jim Colbert says:

    Ryan….I just purchased PCDJ Dex 3…..mine is a question more than a suggestion……is the GIGA Port AG sound card compatible with Dex 3 and what sound card would you recommend for the best sound and bang for your buck?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      The Gigaport should be compatible providing you can find suitable ASIO drivers for the OS you’re using DEX 3 on. Since DEX 3 utilizes ASIO drivers (professional multichannel driver) the drivers are necessary for proper function. I believe you may be able to find the drivers at http://www.esi-pro.com. A new card many are using now is the Focusrite Scarlet 2i4, although most customers these days use DJ controllers that have professional audio interfaces baked in.

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