What We Are Working On Now | DEX 3 Edition

Every now and again, we like to throw our customers a bone and provide some insight into our immediate development plans.  This is “What We Are Working On Now” 



In this feature we’ll focus on DEX 3, our top mixing software solution for DJs and VJs manipulating all types of media – music, music video and karaoke.   However, all core upgrades will also carry over to RED Mobile 3.

We launched the DEX 3.4 pre-release a couple weeks back with quite a few under-the-hood improvements and are now working to provide a better UX.  Here’s what you can expect in the official public launch of DEX 3.4 which should be available sometime next week.


DJ Mixing Software Preview | Coming Soon To DEX 3


  • New BPM engine:  The new BPM engine is 3X more accurate, especially for songs with drifting or otherwise varied tempos.  Users will want to re-BPM their library with the new engine as it also improves beat-grid mapping and beat SYNC (As well as beat aware FX)
  • New Auto-Cue Feature:  A much-improved autocue will automatically detect silence and trim the beginning and ends of your tracks.  This will work for manual mixing, or automix.  Thus ensuring automix is very smooth during transitions.   In the upcoming full-release of DEX 3.4 you will have new buttons to set these in/out cue positions any way you wish.  Want to cut off a tracks long intro or outtro?  You can do that, using dedicated buttons.
  • Loop Slip Mode:  In this mode when you enter a loop the song will continue to play “behind it” – thus when you exit the loop the track will come in at the point it would be if you never set the loop at all.   This is the first iteration for this feature and we will be adding further support for various custom parameters.
  • Effects Engine Refactoring:  While the way FX are used remains largely the same, the internal code has been revamped for more precision and better overall effects quality.  You also have a few new effects in addition to what’s already been included in DEX 3:  Bit Crusher – Robot Delay – Temolo – And new redesigned High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters.
  • New Sampler (or sample decks):  You will now have 8 sample decks – which function much more like full-featured decks than what’s currently included in DEX 3.3.3. Sampler play modes include normal, stutter and instant/momentary. You’ll also have support for recording, waveforms, cutoff filters and even monitoring (pre-fade listening)
  • Skin Update:   The 3.4 release will also include a new “scratch tab” with vertical waveforms – which will help DJs visually when scratching with control vinyl or a supported DJ controller.


  • BONUS “BONE”:  Due to all the new capabilities coming to DEX 3, especially the new sample decks, a completely new default DEX 3 skin is in the works.  You’ll have to wait for this one however, as it won’t be ready until the 3.5 release (likely in August). But the 3.5 release is going to be extra special for PCDJ…and the skin isn’t even the most exciting part.  The cat will stay firmly in bag for the time being. Meow.


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2 replies
  1. Jacob Mayer
    Jacob Mayer says:

    Very excited about the coming update to DEX 3

    Detecting & removing silence will be a great improvement to the smoothness of the AUTOMIX transitions. Thank you!

  2. Greg
    Greg says:

    I hope the 3.5 bag will finally contain the missing video transitions and effects we’ve been asking for. We need things for audio only tracks like slideshow, text, and titler so we can start using Dex on the road and finally dump VDJ.

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