User Poll: What New Features Would You Like To See In PCDJ?

Yesterday we shared with you some of what to expect from PCDJ in 2015, now we want to hear from you!

Much of what’s included in our DJ mixing software and karaoke show hosting software products today is a product of user feedback over the last 16 years. Whether we’re conversing on our message forum, or on various social networking platforms — our users have never been shy to tell us how they feel.   We are grateful for this, it’s been paramount to our success as an DJ software industry pioneer, and after all it’s you that’s in the field making people dance.

Throughout PCDJ history, even through company growth, we’ve always maintained a “small-company” approach.  Users can call us, talk to a live body, and share their thoughts and ideas.  By way of this interaction and customer-focused approach we’ll collectively ensure quality product design for all our entertainment software.

So, what would YOU like to see added to our DJ software or karaoke products this year?   Do you have any “outside-the-box” ideas you want to share with us an our user community?

Please feel free to comment below, or share your thoughts on the PCDJ Message Forum HERE

Together let’s make 2015 a year of pioneering innovation!

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  1. Phil Gaitan
    Phil Gaitan says:

    I would like to use PCDJ with my IPad as a HUD and be able to search for songs load etc that way I can put pcdj on the side and concentrate on DJing and my controller which is the Serato SZ

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