What Makes LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC Unique

Digital 1 Audio (PCDJ) has a credible and experienced perspective on the karaoke software space and professional requirements, having created our very first karaoke software platform in 2002 (KJ VRM).

LYRX karaoke software for MAC ($39.95) is however our first foray into creating a karaoke product exclusively for MAC, with a eye towards a streamlined and nimble user experience.  It’s widely accepted that Mac based software, typically speaking, focuses more on its user interface, reducing the learning curve and making your experience more enjoyable.  While I’m not so sure our Windows users would agree, there is some merit here.

We strive for LYRX to be the best karaoke software for MAC, and we’re just ramping up development with many updates planed for this year alone. Our team already feels LYRX is unique in the karaoke software market, and early adopters clearly agree — for a few key reasons. One glaring difference from what’s available for MAC KJs due to the DEX 3 backbone LYRX runs on, the design approach is more performance oriented — LYRX is exceedingly quick on it’s feet.

5 Things That Make LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC Unique

  1. The LYRX browser supports one million tracks and can still search and filter the tracks instantly.  No bog down here, it’s cat-like quick.
  2. LYRX is native 64bit on MAC, so it can use lot of available RAM and subsequently be lightning quick when searching and playing.
  3. Supports not only standard MP3+G files and Zips, but all popular video formats without any third party add-ons: mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, flv, mkv, wmv and more.
  4. Streamlined and intuitive user interface is very easy to navigate – all controls are laid out in a logical and aesthetically pleasing manner (It’s a MAC!).
  5. The GUI will dynamically size to any screen resolution, so it looks brilliantly crisp on even the highest-resolution retina displays.

You can learn more about LYRX Karaoke Software for MAC and take it for a test drive HERE

Have questions about LYRX?  Feel free to comment below!