What impact can karaoke have on pub revenue? Apparently it’s BIG

Does karaoke generate more business
more business with karaoke

According to a study of 37 karaoke hosting venues in London, karaoke has a positive impact on sales figures and customer dwell time.

Clearly karaoke popularity continues its upswing over the last few years. Pop culture is brimming with it. Shows like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke or the X Factor have certainly helped bring karaoke into more households than ever. Thus, more people are getting the ‘rockstar itch’ — and karaoke is the scratch.

The study found that venues offering karaoke saw a sizable increase in overall revenue — even those that only offered karaoke once or twice weekly.

This comes as no shock to us here at PCDJ HQ as we’ve experiencing a measurable increase in interest in our DEX 3 karaoke player and Party Tyme Karaoke subscription offerings over the last few months. If interest continues at the current pace this fall should be absolutely bananas. There’s lots more on the way for users of our platform in the way of singer interaction that should only increase interest in a venues karaoke night.

One of our customers wrote a nice piece “3.5 WAYS ANY BAR CAN MAKE MORE MONEY ON A KARAOKE NIGHT” that karaoke bars/venues should read. The article includes some not-so-obvious tips about how a venue can bank ever more on karaoke night.