What Do DJs And Great Public Speakers Have In Common? By Jordan River

A good DJ should be a great public speaker.

During an event you represent the family that hired you – and a DJ should deliver a great message about the family along with great music.  It’s a major benefit to your clients special event if you are well-versed, concise and can speak with confidence in public. That’s how you ensure the event is memorable for all participants.

It’s no surprise that we are currently living in an attention-deficit culture. Any event or community gatheringmitzvah-jordan of people is clearly challenged with people’s attention to their cell phones and not the current happenings around them. A good DeeJay will work with these distractions and still make it a good event. Any activities must be well-planned to bring utilize tons of engagement and interaction, while encouraging participation.

A DJ who is skilled at public speaking will:

  • Pay great attention to what is happening in the crowd, and then verbalize in order to interact
  • Make direct eye contact with the audience while speaking
  • Make creative use of their hands while speaking
  • Come up with creative ideas and add variety to the course of the special event

If you consider yourself a pro Mobile DJ, ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself: 

  • How do you attend and interact with an audience and engage the people before you?
  • How do you encourage participation?
  • How do you bring in creativity and variety to the clients special event?
  • Do you keep eye contact during a meeting? This will “tell” your client a lot about how you interact with crowds.

DJ Jordan River has entertained thousands of special events over the last two decades. He will be public speaking to other national and international professional DJs at the American DJ convention September 2014, as well as the Mobile Beat Convention in February 2015. He has studied public speaking from Professor James Wagstaff, Civil Attorney at Stanford University.