Wedding DJ Average Rate In 2013 – Are You Charging Enough?

What's your Mobile DJ rate for weddings?

A recent blog article published by The Knot regarding the average cost of a wedding in 2013 suggests the average DJs rate was $1,083. That's a U.S. nationwide average, so it's safe to assume many Mobile DJs charge significantly more.   

If you're not already charging at least $1,083 for your Wedding DJ package, why not?    

Adding additional services to your DJ repertoire is one way you can increase your bottom line.  The majority of your wedding clients, namely brides, all want the same thing — a unique and memorable event the guest will talk about forever.  More options in your DJ arsenal means more package upgrades you can potentially tack on to make a unique and exciting wedding and reception.   

Here are a few options to add to your Wedding DJ packages so you can charge more:

Adding a nice lighting package is an excellent option, with Uplighting being all the craze today.  Uplighting can be visually stunning, and not all that expensive to pull off.  Check out this video from DJJERMUSIC for some great options Chauvet DJ has available that won't break the bank:


Adding a music video mixing package is another great option made easy by DJ software like PCDJ DEX — which offers audio, music video and karaoke mixing in one robust platform.   Mixing music videos is as simple as mixing audio with our DEX DJ mixing software.   Offering a complete multimedia experience can only help you leave your stamp on the event.   Please CLICK HERE for a previous blog post regarding what's needed to start adding music video mixing to your DJ services.  For a free DJ software demo of DEX or to learn more about the product please click HERE

Some DJs have even added a Trivia Party package, which can be used for a bit of fun with the wedding party during the reception.  Since Trivia Party software allows you to program your own questions and answers, even allowing for video or pictures, you can have some fun with the bride and groom and the wedding party.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Trivia Party software and how it you can benefit financially from adding it to your services. 

Here is the entire "National Average Cost Of A Wedding" graphic compliments of The Knot:


What other items can DJs add to their Wedding packages to increase price?   We'd love to hear from you!