Love is in the air…17 years and counting!

We love PCDJ customers

Yes, it may be a largely manufactured holiday but it’s also a great opportunity for us to tell you how much we truly appreciate you, our customer.

While red roses will emit nearly 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide this valentines day we’ll focus on the positive — you and your loyal support!

It’s been 17 years since PCDJ dropped on the world the first truly professional DJ mixing software application with headphone cuing – turning virtual DJ toys into real-world solutions for pro DJs. They were called “Digital DJs” then, a tag appropriate for a new breed of DJ that wasn’t afraid to make the leap into the all-digital realm of mixing music with a computer based system. Now, you are simply “DJs” — using a computer based DJ system has become the standard.

Jam Master Jay Checks Out PCDJ (2000 DJ EXPO)

Jam Master Jay Checks Out PCDJ

If it wasn’t for a somewhat small but vocal group of Digital Jocks that would champion our DJ software solutions (And computer based systems like the “Space Opera”) at trade shows and events we may not have pushed through those early years (using a windows based computer was met with animosity by many DJs in 1998). Those early adopters propelled us to success and industry executives took notice. A short time later we launched the first DJ controller to be sold in stores with Numark.

Today, we still work with some of those early trend setters – many of whom have purchased every DJ software release we’ve released to market over the last decade and a half. That’s an amazing display of brand loyalty. It’s pretty spectacular when you take a call out of the blue from a disc jockey that has built his reputation and living using your products — products built with dedication and passion by our team. Products that we take great pride in creating, always striving to innovate while keeping an ear to the ground for what modern DJs need, even if they don’t know it yet.

It truly warms our heart re-connecting with customers that have been with us a long time. It’s fuels us knowing we’ve made a difference, no matter how minute it may be in the grand scheme of things, in their livelihood.

Over the last two years with the release of our new DEX 3 platform we’ve seen a resurgence. DJs are finding us, either through word of mouth, seeing another DJ mixing with one of our solutions, or by simply browsing the web. Our team has put in many long hours and hard work re-building our mixing software solutions from the foundation up to be more efficient and all-encompassing. It pulls at our heart strings knowing DJs appreciate our effort.

We are set to build up our DJ mixing software platform starting with the DEX 3.8 release scheduled to release in about 2-3 weeks. We’re all excited about what we have in store for our public over the next few months. We want to impress you as much as you’ve impressed upon us.  Thank you, and we heart you!