Exclusive Offer: Vote And Get Visikord Advanced With Live Dance Visuals/Games For Only $45

Calling On All DJs And VJs:  Help Visikord pick new features and get a coupon for Visikord Advanced software for dance visuals and games for PC/Mac and a Kinect camera, for only $45 (reg. $295!) by filling out a simple survey HERE. The coupon is valid until July 20 but updates are free for three years!

Human Brickbreaker” is a full body arcade game for parties and it’s the newest addition to the Visikord software. First shown at Mobile Beat Las Vegas this year, the game is out of beta and in use at parties and clubs (and even corporate break rooms). To spread the word we gave our Trial download subscribers a special 4th of July discount for this release — and the word reached Digital 1 Audio GM Ryan Sherr, who suggested we extend the offer to PCDJ.com readers. Thanks Ryan!

To receive the $250 OFF discount coupon, please CLICK HERE to take Visikord’s website survey asking how you’d like or plan to use the software, and what kind of features you’d like to see in the future. We have more dance games — like Jumping Jack and Virtual Dance Floor — in the pipeline as well as other features, and your vote will help us set development priorities.

To run the software you’ll need a Kinect camera (without the XBox) with a USB adapter, and a PC (or Mac running Windows on Parallels 10). If you have the hardware, download the free trial at visikord.com/product and give it a go. If you don’t have a Kinect yet, please visit the front page of Visikord.com for links to Kinect and adapter (together on Amazon for under $40). Or run the Trial in the demo mode if you don’t have a Kinect but want to see the visuals in action right away!

The Visikord Advanced edition includes the game and the freestyle dance mode, along with custom jpeg and movie backgrounds, logos, photobooth and other goodies. Please see Visikord.com for sample videos, screenshots and specs. Thank you!