Video: Set Lists Vs Music Programming

We’ve posted quite a bit in the past about music programming; being good at truly knowing your audience and programming accordingly defines a DJs success – or lack there of.

Brian S Redd is a long time Mobile DJ who is well known among mobile circles for his YouTube Video tutorials, reviews and general DJ musings. In the video below he defines (in his view) the difference between a “set list” and “music programming”. Many DJs may assume these two things are one-in-the-same,  but while a set list can be defined as programming music – there is one fundamental difference:  Music programming is fluid and organic, a (good) DJ responds based on the environment and the audience’s ebb and flow.   A “set-list” is a pre-defined list of music in a set play order.

Yes, many of the big room and club DJs will stick to the script, and in many cases this works very well.   The truly great ones will feed off the audience and program music on the fly.

Watch Brian S Redd Explain The Difference Between A “Set List” and “Music Programming” (Do you agree?  Feel free to comment below the video!)