Video Review Of JammText Interactive Text-And-Image-To-Screen Software

Arnoldo Offermann, Mobile DJ aficionado and GearItFirst YouTube channel proprietor, provides an excellent in-depth JammText Review.

JammText adds interactive punch to any function or event by allowing patrons to text messages and images directly to screen for all to see (yes, you CAN vet the entries first before allowing the audience to see them).

DJs can also create their own advertisements and banners that JammText will display to the crowd. Since JammText will auto-detect if you’re playing a music video on screen with DEX 3 or other VDJ software banners will never cover up the mixed video output — instead displaying a titler much like you see across the bottom of the screen on MTV of VH1.

JammText works perfectly alongside DEX 3 video mixing software or our Karaoki karaoke show hosting software. Being very resource friendly your performances will remain flawless and your patrons and fans engaged.

See what all the industry buzz is about — or if you are already a customer, learn what else JammText can do for you by watching Arnoldo’s JammText Review above!

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