Karaoke Software: Video Walk-through Of SongbookDB with PCDJ Karaoki

SongBookDB is a web-based platform that enables remote song requests from singers phones (or any internet enabled device).

SongBookDB was already popular among KJs that wanted to ditch their printed song books in favor of an all-digital solution.    No more printing out hundreds of pages every time you update your karaoke music library, simply upload your latest song list to SongBookDB and it’s ready to go.

Previous to developing in-app support for SongbookDB in PCDJ Karaoki a KJ had to manually search for the singers song once a request has been received and then add to rotation.   Now when using the custom SongBookDB Karaoki plug-in a Karaoki user can click one button to send a received song request to rotation, or even setup Karaoki to auto-accept song requests.   It’s a high-tech solution that not only will make your shows run smoother, but will also help reduce your carbon footprint, too.

The new platform is still in the final stages of beta testing, but you’re invited to try our the version of Karaoki now and signup for 30 days of free access to SongBookDB HERE

Video Walk-Through Of SongBookDB with PCDJ Karaoki (provided by Shaun at SongbookDB):