Video Mixing Tip: Ensure DEX 3 Uses Your High-Performance Video Card

UPDATE: More in-depth and up-to-date article on this subject is available HERE

Our DEX 3 mixing software mixes all types of DJ media, including music videos.  If you plan to start incorporating video mixing into your DJ sets, we highly recommend purchasing a laptop that comes equipped with dedicated graphics memory, otherwise a video card that has on-board memory.  ( Here are some general system optimization tips for video mixing)

Most of today’s higher-end Windows laptops that come with video card that have dedicated video memory also include an on-board graphics card with shared memory. Software is pre-loaded on the machine to decide which video card should be used with what application.  Essentially, the software uses intelligence (or lack there of) to pick what video card it thinks is most suitable for the application initialized.  In many cases we find the software does a poor job, and rarely selects the high-end dedicated graphics card when launching PCDJ DEX 3.

In this video demonstration below we will show you how to make sure DEX 3 utilizes your dedicated graphics card every time – which will ensure trouble-free music video mixing.

How To Ensure DEX 3 DJ Software Uses Your High-End Graphics Card