Video Mixing Software | DEX 3.6 (RC2) Is Ready For Download

DEX 3.6 RC2 Ready for Download
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Release candidate 2 for DEX 3.6 VDJ software is now available for download.

Last Friday we pushed out an RC (Release Candidate) of DEX 3.6. While it was very well received by our DJ community, there was one reported bug that we’ve now taken the boot to.

In the previous DEX 3.6 RC the search feature for Pulselocker was upgraded to support a ‘search-as-you-type’ method instead of the previous requirement to click ENTER to initiate a track search. I refer to the new Pulselocker library search as a ‘method’ as it’s still not the same nor quite as robust (right now) as DEX 3.6’s native search feature for locating your local owned tracks — but is still a massive improvement. Keeping in mind it’s a monumental task to search a 44 million song database quickly, so the new ‘search-as-you-type’ method we’ve now implemented was no small feat.

While the new Pulselocker search in the previous DEX 3.6 RC worked perfectly well as intended, it unintentionally broke the default native DEX 3.6 search — resulting in some weird behavior such as highlighting the first track in search results after only typing in a letter or two in the search box. No small matter when many DJs rely heavily on search, especially mobile DJs taking requests. We rightfully received an earful from DJs that tested the previous RC and our team has worked to squash the bug since it was first reported.

We’re happy to say the new DEX 3.6 RC includes all the new features and performance optimizations as previous beta and RC iterations, and both search options work as expected.

Since this is likely going to be the official DEX 3 DJ and Video Mixing software we launch publicly, we’ll list everything that has been updated, changed and tweaked since 3.5.7 hit the streets a couple months ago.

Here’s What’s New And Changed In DEX 3.6 RC2 (From Previous RC And Beta Versions)

  • Updated and enabled Pulselocker for both Mac and Windows (new 1.2 SDK)
  • Ability to load video files without an audio stream/track
  • Automatically start Pulselocker searching after the user pauses entering text in the search text field (no need to manually press <Enter>)
  • Fixed link video files to audio for Pulselocker tracks
  • Fixed loading of MP4 files that are actually audio-only (some MP4s with album artwork were loaded by mistake as video tracks)
  • Fixed crash when analyzing/loading tracks with silence only
  • Fixed preference not working (“Enable separate video window”)
  • Automatically configure audio for controllers (if the controller script implements it) + setting to disable/enable it
  • New controller actions and notifications for sampler (very easy to add normal/instant/stutter mode + led blinking to sampler leds on the controller)
  • Fixed microphone problems with various DJ controllers
  • Automatically enable On-Air when Talk is used
  • Completely refactored the file loading system (including multiple bug fixes)
  • Ability to link video files to audio tracks (from a user-selectable videos folder, random video selection is available too)
  • Video tab/panel added to the settings
  • Multiple performance optimizations
  • Various bug fixes

NOTE: DEX 3.6 is a release candidate – Please test thoroughly before using during a live performance. If you run into any trouble you can roll back to the public 3.5.7 release by re-installing it from the DEX 3 support page HERE



If you have any questions or problems running the DEX 3.6 VDJ Software beta version please post to the DEX 3 user forum.

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  1. Woody
    Woody says:

    the music and the karaoke that is played does not go to the history folder or gray’s out so you can see what was played on dex 3.6 rc2

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