Video Demonstration Of The New ‘Video Link’ Feature Found in DEX 3.6

Video Link Feature in DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software

DEX 3.6 (BETA) was published for public beta last week and introduced a new ‘Video Link’ Feature. We demonstrate how this feature can be utilized during video mix sets in the video demonstration below.

VDJ’s mixing music videos with DEX 3 can now display videos (stock video, visuals or even other music videos) when mixing regular audio tracks.

In DEX 3.6’s options you’ll find a new tab for ‘Video’. Under the new tab you’ll find a section titled ‘Link videos to audio tracks‘ — here you’ll find the settings to ‘Automatically link videos to audio tracks‘ and the option to select the directory of videos you wish DEX 3 to automatically select from. Another option is to ‘Randomly select videos‘, instead of playing through the directory in alphabetical or numerical order (depending on how your videos are titled).

We think this is a huge addition to DEX 3 for VDJ’s (video DJs) that want to incorporate audio tracks into their video mixing sets. While BPM Supreme offers an in-depth selection of HD music videos in all genres, the availability of music videos for all the latest tracks pales in comparison to what DJs can currently find strictly in audio format.

Video Demonstration Of DEX 3.6’s ‘Video Link’ Feature