Version 1.1.1 of the KaraoQuest Song Request App for Karaoki is Now in Beta

KaraoQuest Version 1.1.1 beta

KaraoQuest 1.1.1 mobile singer/song request app for Karaoki is ready for our beta test team (via TestFlight).

If you were a prior beta tester of KaraoQuest you will find it ready for installation via the TestFlight app as of early this morning. Please install and test with the latest Karaoki update.

KaraoQuest is a completely free (monetized with in-app ads) no-frills iPhone/iPad app that allows your karaoke singers to browse, search, and request songs to sing via local area network (no internet required). You can then view and accept your singers song requests through the remote connections section in Karaoki with a single click. The singer and the song are then automatically placed into Karaoki’s singer rotation list.

Unlike SongbookDB, which is also supported by Karaoki and includes many bonus features not currently found in KaraoQuest, you do not need internet access to use KaraoQuest.  Requests are issued through a local area network which is beneficial to karaoke hosts that work in venues without reliable internet access.

We find many Karaoki’s customers that use KaraoQuest set it up as a kiosk with an iPad and let their singers search and request songs that way.  Because KaraoQuest is iOS only right now we can see why this may be the preferred method of use since you won’t alienate the Android crowd.  The new ‘clear singer’ option found in the 1.1.1 beta will create a better song request experience in kiosk mode.

The now-available 1.1.1 beta (via TestFlight) includes various bug fixes, performance improvements, and a couple new features.  Beta testing the new version should be swift, and the public release should follow shortly!

What’s New And What To Test In KaraoQuest Beta 1.1.1

*NEW —> Option to clear singer field when entering RequestScreen:
Karaoquest was initially designed for individual use on personal devices. In that context, when requesting a song, the singer’s name is automatically filled in with the last name used.
When the device running Karaoquest is used as a shared request station with multiple singers, automatically filling the singer’s name might not be such a good thing.
Users might press “Confirm Request” before making sure the name was right leading to the same singer having lots of requests.
The new option “Clear singer” will make sure that the singer field is not automatically filled in.

*NEW —> Ask for WiFi address when last access was from Internet:
Unless you are a Karaoke singer veteran, selecting the right songs for your performance might be the deal breaker on your way to stardom.
Provided PCDJ-Karaoki is reachable via Internet, you can download the songbook in advance, giving you all the time you need to explore, select and practice your favorites.
Once arrived at the venue, all you need to do is change the IP address of the Karaoki-Host and use the already downloaded songbook to make requests.
On application startup, if the last access was made from a public Internet address, a pop-up will ask if you wish to use a local/WiFi address instead.

*CHG —> Domain name changed for website and log email


  • SongbookReloadMsgBox Fixed
  • LogOptimized
  • logEnableToggle Removed
  • Request Bugs Fixed
  • Loading Freeze Fixed
  • Throttle Network Activity When Server Busy
  • Various other small performance improvements

How The KaraoQuest iOS App Works

For KJs (easy setup instructions):

  • Open PCDJ Karaoki
  • In ‘Remote Connections’, make sure
    – ‘Remote Enabled’ button is activated
    – ‘Remote case’ to be shared is selected

For Singers:

Basic Mode – Step 1
Enter the IP address of the Karaoke host (provided by host to singer)
KaraoQuest singer requests step 1

Step 2 – Search Song
Browse or search through the song list and select a song for request.

Browsing And Searching Song KaraoQuest

Step 3 – Request Song
Enter your name and press confirm request to send the request to the PCDJ Karaoki host.

Requesting Songs From KaraoQuest App



Have questions about the KaraokQuest remote song request app?  Please leave them in the comments section below!