DJ Controllers | New Modified Denon MC6000 MKII Map For DEX 3 Available

Download DJ Vargas MC6000 MKII MAP For DEX 3

The Denon MC6000 MKII is one of the most popular DJ Controllers for use with our DEX 3 DJ mixing software — and this customer-created script from DJ Vargas includes both interesting and useful new functionality.

The Denon MC6000 MKII has been a huge hit for Wedding DJs, particularly. It has the feature-set and controls they require, including dual-balanced mic inputs (something you don’t often see with DJ controllers).  The MC6000 MKII also lends itself perfectly to mixing music videos with DEX 3; you can blend music video to music video using the cross-fader. For more advanced mixing the MC6000 MKII can control all 4 decks in DEX 3.

Denon DJ says:

     “Created to be the definitive tool for the most discerning of contemporary club and mobile DJ’s, the slimline, table-top steel chassis unit blends a 4 channel/8 source real-time matrix operational digital mixer with an uncompromising 24-bit, class leading digital and analog audio interface.”

DJ Vargas has made some creative and useful edits to the default MC6000 MKII map that loads with DEX 3. We really like the dual pitch-fader functions, allowing DJs to adjust KEY independently of TEMPO for harmonic (key) mixing.

Here’s what’s new and changed (the complete updated user guide is downloadable below):

  1. Navigation thru all of Dex 3’s Effects (visible on the 2 deck skin) by pressing the left or right “FX ON” button on the controller
  2. Once highlighted, toogle ON/OFF the effect by pressing the middle “FX ON” button on the controller
  3. Change parameters 1, 2 and/or 3 for that effect, by turning the parameter knob on the controller
  4. Pitch Faders have dual functionality:
    Function 1: When moving pitch fader you alter the key (tone) while the tempo (speed) stays the same
    Function 2: When pressing and holding the “SHIFT” button and moving pitch faders you alter the tempo (speed) while the key (tone) stays the same.
  5. Toogle slip mode on/off by pressing “CENSOR/SLIP” button

While the updated MC6000 MKII map may not be for all DEX 3 DJs, I think many will enjoy the edits DJ Vargas has made — particularly DJs that mix in key.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Unzip the Map (js file) To:   C: (Windows) or App Folder for DEX 3 (MAC) – Program Files (x86) -> PCDJ -> DEX3 -> CONTROLLERS.  REPLACE THE EXISTING MC6000 MKII SCRIPT WITH THE NEW ONE!


Have questions about the Denon MC6000 MKII Vargas Edit Map or using DJ Controllers with DEX 3?  Please leave your questions in the comments section below!