Take Control | Use Up To 8 Different MIDI/DJ Controller’s At Once With DEX 3

Use Multiple DJ Controllers With DEX 3

DEX 3 DJ and video mixing software has plug-and-play support for over 85 DJ controllers right now with additional controller support added regularly — but did you know you could use up to 8 Midi/DJ controllers simultaneously?

Pioneer D

The ability to use multiple DJ controllers at once is one lesser known but truly awesome feature of DEX 3.

Controllers allow for tactile control over DEX 3. They are essentially an extension of the DJ software’s feature-set. For a hand-on mixing DJ there’s no debate; you will need to use a DJ controller during live performance.

Support for multiple DJ/Midi controllers at once can provide you with a whole new level of control. For example, use your plug-and-play Pioneer DDJ-SB2 to control all the basic mixing features of DEX 3, but map (using our easy-to-use MIDI LEARN feature) a basic pad-based midi controller such as the Samson Graphite MD13 to DEX 3’s 8 sample decks to trigger samples on the fly for a little finger drumming action.

Gemini G2V DJ controller angled

DEX 3 allows you to connect and disconnect DJ controllers on the fly, even while mixing. So you can connect/disconnect up to 8 DJ controllers in real-time without missing a beat.

Another reason you may want to have multiple DJ controllers connected is for redundancy; If you have a secondary DJ controller plugged in you also have an instant backup to switch over to in the event a controller dies on your mid set.

You can check out our list of DEX 3 supported DJ controllers HERE.  Check back often as additional DJ controllers are added all the time.



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