Karaoki Pro Tip | Using A Separate Audio Output For The Background Music Player

Karaoke Pro Tip - Separate Audio Outputs

Last week we published “3 Lesser Known But Kick A** Karaoki Features” to the blog, pointing out features karaoke hosts may not know about our karaoke software – but should.

One of the three listed features was: Use independent Sound Cards (Audio devices) for karaoke and background (filler) music.

We quoted a Karaoki customer who explained why this was a valuable addition, allowing him to send the background music player (filler music player) to a separate audio device than the main karaoke player output. The customer runs each independent audio output into two separate inputs on this mixing board, allowing him to control volume and EQ independently for the karaoke audio playback and automated background music player.

We had a lot of feedback on this particular feature, with many customers requesting a more in-depth explanation – so here we go:

Configuring Karaoki So The Karaoke Player And Background Music Player Are Using Separate Audio Outputs
  • First, you need two audio devices in order to send two separate stereo outputs.  This can be accomplished by using an external USB audio interface, or as in the screen-shot example below, your HDMI audio output.
  • Second, if you’ve installed drivers for the USB audio interface (if utilizing one for the second output) than the only thing you must do is launch PCDJ Karaoki with the USB audio interface plugged into the USB port on your gig machine (as Karaoki only detects available audio outputs on startup).
  • Next, in Karaoki click on ‘Options’ -> ‘Configuration’, this will bring up the configuration menu as displayed below.
  • Finally, under the ‘Karaoke’ sound options area (top left) – from the ‘Sound Device’ drop-down menu select the audio output device for the main karaoke player output. And under the ‘Background Music’ sound options area (below Karaoke sound option settings) from the ‘Sound Device’ drop-down menu select the audio output device for the background music player.
Karaoki Configuration Menu (Separate Audio Outputs For Karaoke And Background Music)

Have questions on how to send the karaoke player and background music player to separate audio devices?  Leave them in the comments section below!