User Testimonial: Using DEX 3 and SongbookDB

Xavier “The X-man” Gomez of New Vision Entertainment Services out of Newnan Georgia is a huge fan of our DEX 3 DJ mixing software and SongbookDB.

Xavier recently upgraded to our best DJ software for mixing all media types, DEX 3, and subscribed to SongbookDB for both PCDJ Karaoki and to use alongside DEX 3 on occasion too.   He sent us this flattering video testimonial to share with you, and is also using it as a tool demonstrate the potential options his DJ rigs can provide his mobile DJ clients.

Xavier is using DEX 3 to perform with music, music video and even for hosting karaoke.   SongbookDB allows him to take remote requests from singers using only their phones to view, browse and select songs.  While SongbookDB is tied directly into PCDJ Karaoki, the desktop widget allows you to use it with our DJ software too – you simply have to manually search for requests and add to the singers list.

Big thanks to Xavier for this excellent DEX 3 and SongbookDB review and video testimonial, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!