The Ability to use ‘Shaders’ for On-Screen Visualizations is Coming to DEX 3.11

Mixing music videos, displaying multilayered text/image/video overlays, and looping video clips while just mixing audio have been core features of DEX 3 for some time. One feature that’s been missing — one that’s lived near the top of our ever growing ‘to-do list’ for some time — is the ability to display on-screen visualizations that are generated in real-time and synced with audio output.

Enter ‘Shader‘ support.

With the upcoming DEX 3.11 (and up) release DEX 3 DJs will be able to use the many thousands of ‘Shaders’ from ShaderToy.com to display exciting and more often than not, beat-synced visualizations on screen.

What does this mean for you, exactly?  While mixing music DEX 3 will display the Shader you import/select from the new Shader drop down menu located at the top of the DEX 3 video skins.  The visualizations will display on your secondary output (screen 2) for the audience, creating an exciting and memorable visual experience for your listeners.

DEX 3 is the total multimedia mixing software solution for the modern and versatile DJ.  Now, Shader support adds a new layer of energy and excitement for you and your audience.

Important Note: Shaders very greatly in GPU usage. Some are less taxing on graphics resources, while others are quite heavy. Test all imported Shaders thoroughly before using at an event to be sure your GPU can keep up. Some Shaders may also not be supported at all by DEX 3 at all at this time. Our recommendation is that your MAC/PC is equipped with a dedicated graphics card, which is also the requirement when mixing HD quality videos, if you wish to use Shaders for on-screen visualizations.

Try The DEX Public Beta

If you haven’t already, please join the Official PCDJ User Group on Facebook to get an early look at DEX 3.11 with Shader support!


Have questions about using Shaders in DEX 3 DJ Software for on-screen Visualizations? Please leave them in the comments section below!