KJ PRO TIP | Use Your Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription On Up To 3 Machines In The Field

Use Karaoke Cloud Pro on Three Machines

There’s a good chance you already know that Karaoke Cloud Pro (14-days to try free, $49.99-a-month after) is USA’s legal karaoke subscription designed for commercial use — but did you know you can use one subscription on up to three different computers simultaneously, in the field?

Just like Karaoki, the karaoke software required for hosting shows with Karaoke Cloud Pro, you can activate the karaoke subscription service on three different computers – and use all three machines in the field at different locations at the same time. This is a little known but important feature that provides loads of value to the $49-a-month professional karaoke subscription service.

But how exactly can you use the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription on three different machines at the same time?

Karaoke Cloud Pro is NOT a streaming service. KJs and venues that subscribe download the karaoke music to their local or external hard drive so the tracks can be played offline between billing periods.

This is called a “DRM tethering system” – so while you can use all tracks offline between billing dates (one month between billing cycles) if you do not connect or do not pay for your subscription the files will no longer work (online or offline).

Therefore, if you wish to use Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro on the field simultaneously on three different computer systems all you need to do is login through Karaoki and download the catalog of karaoke music to one machine and log out — login to the machine two and download all karaoke tracks and log out — login to machine three and download all tracks and you’re done.  You can now go offline with all three machines and use at three different venue locations during the same karaoke night.

Just remember to connect on your billing date or up to five days after to verify payment so the downloaded karaoke tracks remain active and playable.  If you forget and connect day 7 for example and your payment did process successfully the downloaded karaoke tracks will immediate turn back on, however!

At the new low monthly karaoke subscription price of only $49.99, if you use the service on three different money-making machines in the field that’s less than $17-a-month a machine.  A tremendous value for a commercially legal karaoke library that’s constantly being updated with karaoke hits.


Have questions about the professional karaoke subscription and how it works in our Karaoki karaoke software?  Please leave your questions in the comments section below!