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Guitar Karaoke

AmeriTone Play-A-Tab | Guitar Karaoke

50 Song Download Pack

Your singers want to feel like music superstars – help them feel like real rock and country performers with Guitar Karaoke! Fully-compatible with the AmeriTone Guitar Learning System, Guitar Karaoke is a simple and fun way for your singers to take things to the next level.

It’s as easy as “see the color, press the color button”. Color cues on-screen tell the performer which button to press on their AmeriTone Guitar. Strumming along to the same rhythm they’d use to clap their hands, Guitar Karaoke requires zero experience, and only a little musical talent. If you can clap your hands and press a button, you can play guitar!

Our fifty-song bundle is created to the same exacting standards as all our karaoke, and you still get traditional on-screen lyrics. Perfect for “duets” where one person is reluctant to sing, or to rip through your rotation at double speed by pairing singers with strummers. It’s a terrific way to set your show apart from the competition!

For a limited time we’re offering our Guitar Karaoke at a special price when you purchase the bundle. Curious how it works? CLICK HERE FOR A DEMONSTRATION

The AmeriTone Guitars are both robust and affordable

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Lightning Round Karaoke

50 Song Download Pack

Gamify your karaoke nights with the latest sensation – Lightning Round Karaoke! Similar in format to “kamikaze”, the game challenges participants to jump right into a song as it approaches the chorus. Lightning Round Karaoke is a quick-play game for up to four players, perfect for those interstitial moments that let you change things up, and provide a fresh challenge to your regulars and new singers alike!

Our fifty-song bundle collects our most popular Lightning Round Karaoke videos pre-built into themes you can use – or create your own themes! Available now at a special introductory price, Lightning Round Karaoke helps you set your night of entertainment apart from the rest in fun and engaging new ways. It’s an outstanding way to promote your venue’s food and drink specials too! Check out a sample here: What’s In A Name Vol. 1

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