Ultra-Mobile, Compact DJ Controllers for DEX 3 DJ Software

Small Compact DJ Controllers that work with DEX 3 DJ Software

What are the best DJ Controllers to use with DEX 3 that you can throw in a backpack and head out?

compact small DJ Controllers

DEX 3 DJ Software supports a wide-range of popular DJ Controllers from the best brands in the business. Over 100 controllers are plug-and-play with DEX 3 and they range from high-end, $1,000+ with 4-deck control and every knob, button, and slider imaginable, to small compact units under $100.  Size and price aside, some of the smaller and lighter DJ controllers still pack in a slathering of professional-grade features and are ideal for smaller events or backyard parties. It’s these smaller backpack-ready units we’re focusing on in this article.

The four DJ controllers listed below are natively supported by DEX 3. This means if you install the drivers (when applicable: If the controller is class complaint, as it is with a couple units listed below, no drivers are required) and have the DJ controller plugged into your MAC or PC when you launch DEX 3, you’ll be ready to jump into the mix.

Here’s a list of four current DJ controllers on the market today supported by DEX 3 that are super mobile and compact.

Ultra-Mobile, Compact DJ Controllers for DEX 3 DJ Software

1) Hercules DJControl Starlight

Ultra-compact, ultra-light, and ultra-practical, the DJControl Starlight packs all the features needed to mix and scratch. With its built-in audio interface, the DJControl Starlight offers pre-listening in the headphones so you can then play your mix on speakers, which is perfect for learning or creating new mixes. The system is so comprehensive for its size that it boasts all the essential features such as bass equalization/filter knobs for smooth transitions or touch-sensitive jog wheels for easy scratching. Retail: $89.99

Hercules DJ Control Starlight

2) Numark DJ2Go2 Touch

Just like it’s predecessor the DJ2Go2, the DJ2Go2 Touch is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller, but with the improved capability for scratching with capacitive touch jog wheels. With a built-in sound card, it fits perfectly in front of your laptop. With 8 pads and four pad modes for total-control of cue-points, auto / manual looping and sample playback, it’s one of the best portable DJ controller values on the market. Retail: $79.99

Numark DJ2Go2 Touch

3) Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

The DJControl Inpulse 200 has the look and feel of many other popular compact controllers on the market. It’s a two deck controller with 8 performance pads per decks, touch-sensitive jog wheels, a 3 band EQ and filter on the mixer and a built-in audio interface with headphone pre-fade listening. It’s a step up from the Starlight and still small enough to take with you anywhere. Retail: $119.99

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

4) Numark Party Mix

The professional DJ features that come with the Numark Party Mix include four cue points with readily accessible pads for effects. DJs can toggle through the Pad Mode and find auto loop functions and create loops on 8, 4, 2 and 1-bar phrases. Add instant effects to tracks and toggle to sampler mode for to control DEX 3’s sampler (only available on DEX 3 Pro, not included with DEX 3 RE). Control your EQ with treble, bass, channel gain and master gain. The Party Mix includes a built-in 2 channel audio interface which means you have all the connections you need to send your mix of music to the speakers, while using your headphones to preview the next track. Retail: $99.99

Numark Party Mix

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