UK DJ Mixing Software and Karaoke Distributors – Digitop Ltd

Meet PCDJ's UK DJ Software and Karaoke Software distributors – Digitop Ltd.  

Three years back PCDJ was seeking a new exclusive UK based DJ equipment distributor to offer and support our DJ and Karaoke Software products.  Our goal was to find a hard-working company that not only had previous experience with professional entertainment products, but also held similar values as ourselves.   Customer support, technical knowledge and understanding the professional DJ and Karaoke market within the UK was paramount. 

Finding Digitop Ltd ( www.dexdj.co.uk ) was the perfect mix.

If you're a UK based DJ or KJ, please be sure to give them a call if you've got any sales or support inquiries regarding PCDJ.   If you're a dealer interesting in offering the PCDJ product line please do so as well. 

About Digitop Ltd

Industry leaders for over 20 years, controlling the best known karaoke services & brands in the UK. An expert in all things karaoke, Digitop uses technology to create fresh, exciting and innovative ideas to the karaoke world. Digitop are based in Surrey, UK and proud to be a family founded and run, international SME that strive for innovation.

About Digitop's Managing Director – Gary Oates

“I was destined to be a karaoke guy from an early age as my Father (Ian Oates) has been heavily involved in the industry pretty much since its inception, with various successful (and some not so successful) karaoke businesses under his belt. Upon joining the family business in my late teens I learned pretty quickly that my passion laid with technology and using it to our advantage to bring our karaoke platforms and ever expanding business portfolio to more people via the latest technological developments.

Via our karaoke label “Mr Entertainer” we’ve established excellent relationships within the UK karaoke & mobile DJ industry over the years, therefore taking on the distribution of the exciting PCDJ software range was a perfect fit for us. We look forward to many more years working together with PCDJ and helping to further grow what is already a fantastically well-known and respected brand.”

Learn more and get in contact with Digitop and Gary HERE