Try PCDJ Karaoki with SongBookDB Integration For Free Now

The custom signup page for PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software users is complete.   Try the new PCDJ Karaoki beta and SongbookDB remote singer/song request system now, free for 30 days!

Shaun at SongbookDB has worked tirelessly with our lead Karaoki developer to create the in-app remote song request plugin and sign up portal for Karaoki users.  If you aren’t up to date about how the SongbookDB remote request system will work to send singers song requests directly to Karaoki, please take a moment to read up here.

We would love your help in testing this new platform. You can sign up for a free 30 day test drive now of the PCDJ SongbookDB subscription and download the new Karaoki beta version below.   After the 30 days, the SongbookDB subscription will cost only $19.95 a month.   Say goodbye to printed song books, your singers can view your digital song book online and make requests from any internet enabled device including their phone!   Those requests pop up via the internet in Karaoki’s terminal, and with one click of a button the song request will be sent to Karaoki’s rotation list.


 Any bug reports, suggestions or comments please be sure to visit the PCDJ Forum and post within THIS THREAD


Video Tutorials For SongBookDB (Non PCDJ Version, but still applies to the PCDJ Version)


Quick Start for DJs:

Requests Hoster App – receive song requests on your mobile device:

This app is an alternative to receiving requests in the SongbookDB Pal desktop app, or the PCDJ Requests Plugin for Karaoki.

Using SongbookDB as a Standalone Kiosk:

(3 mins)

Shout Out! – Send the Crowd Messages!!:

(2 mins)

Making Admin and Request Logins the Same:

(1 min)

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