Trivia Party Package | New “Light Up” Buzzers Now Included

Across the globe mobile entertainers strive for the latest and newest methods for increasing the value of their shows. Better value means more bookings and more bookings equals more revenue.

Many DJs and entertainers have found some great options for increasing show value is with the use of interactive games, karaoke, up lighting and more.  Adding a Trivia Party TM-120 (p) Package to your mobile services is a well-established option to increase your bottom line.

DigiGames develops new and exciting technologies and produces TV game show software emulations which come together for a true TV game show experience, and they are offered at PCDJ.com HERE

Digigames has just informed us of a major improvement to the TM-120 Trivia Party Package we’ve been offering for the last couple of years; The system will now come with new and improved lock-out buzzers that LIGHT UP!

Here’s a overview video showcasing the new lightup buzzers included with the TM-120 Trivia Party Package.  The best news is the price will remain the same!

More From Digigames Regarding Trivia Party:

“Entertainers have found that asking fun trivia questions to get the audience involved in an entertaining competition for simple prizes is a great way to earn extra money and to secure mid-week bookings. Corporate events are also brought to new heights as players in different departments compete against each other for items that are normally given away as door prizes. School and other academic institutions benefit from a DJ who allocates a portion of the dance to trivia based on subjects learned in the classroom. DigiGames products are used extensively for team-building and problem solving whether at a bar, corporate event or school event because people love to play as a team…..it is like a real-life ‘phone a friend’”

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