DJ Software Skins | Turn DEX 3 Into Touch Screen DJ Software With This Skin

Download this skin to turn DEX 3 into touch screen DJ mixing software.

Tablets and touch screen supported laptops are plentiful and popular today, and will likely be an industry-wide standard for Digital DJs sooner rather than later.  It’s been apparent to us at PCDJ as lately we’ve received an influx of requests for a touch screen skin for DEX 3 with large on-screen buttons.   We also find many bars, restaurants and other venues looking for a house DJ system that can be operated via touch screen.

Due to the in-depth feature set provided in our DEX 3 mixing software previous attempts at touch screen skins have largely been limited to the basic playback features.  The new TS1 (Touch Screen 1) skin you can download below submitted by Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs features buttons across the top portion of the skin that open up other layers of  DEX 3 functionality – from loops to effects, to cues and video mixing controls.  Harry has done a choice job of including almost all supported features accessible via the button accessed layers, making the TS1 skin the most complete touch screen DJ software skin currently available.

The skin also comes in two options  – daytime and nighttime.    The daytime edition is is lighted in color, so easier to view in daylight conditions.

Unzip ALL Skin Files To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins 

Here’s How To Load and Use Skins With DEX 3