Top 10 Wedding DJ Myths

10 myths about wedding DJing

A DJ buddy of mine sent this to me recently and I had to share, I think it debunks many of the worries a new DJ may have about breaking into the mobile DJ or otherwise Wedding DJ business. I believe this was originally posted by – a great group of educated DJ’s that really know the business.

1. You need lots of money to start – Maybe years ago, but nowadays – using digital gear – it’s possible to DJ weddings with a full set-up that’ll last you many years and that you can pay for out of the proceeds of just two or three bookings

2. You need to be able to beatmix – Nope, not important at all. (of course, PCDJ will do this for you with a clever little button called “SYNC”) This is great for many modern DJs, because if you’re confident about your music selections but feel held back from playing in public because of your perceived lack of “club” skills, here’s one area of DJing where it really doesn’t matter one bit

3. You need professional microphone skills – Arrggh! Talking on a microphone! But actually, getting “on the mic” needn’t be a catastrophe. It’s something that can be taught, and once you’ve worked on one or two basic skills, you can MC a wedding easily… and take those skills across to whenever you may be asked to use a microphone in other public DJing roles

4. You need a huge lighting rig, smoke machines and so on – Nope! It’s simply not expected at weddings. Many venues have a sprinkling of “dancefloor” lighting fitted anyway, and if you really want to you can get some small lights, but nine times out of ten you won’t be expected to use them. Wedding DJing is generally about a family celebration, not a disco roadshow

5. You need expensive music licences – Rarely true. While this depends where you are in the world, any venue that hosts wedding receptions generally has all the music performance licences in place, meaning you simply don’t need to let this aspect of things hold you back

6. You’ll need to spend all your spare time looking for music – Again, no. It’s simply not like club DJing in that respect. The music changes S-L-O-W-L-Y, and 80% of wh

at you play will never change. Get the right records, add a few well-chosen current hits, and you’re 95% there

7. You need to have everyone dancing all the time – This is a huge myth and a mistake rookies regularly make. You’ll have a semi-full to full dancefloor for maybe the last third of the reception – sometimes more, sometimes less. Knowing when to be “background” is vital, because you’ll be “background” (ie setting the mood) for a big chunk of the time early on

8. You’ll need to have and play every request you’re asked for – Actually, supremely, no! Knowing how to deal with this is key. Indeed, unless it’s the bride, you’ll learn to be very cautious of requests

9. You’ll need to undercharge to get any work – Absolutely not. This is the brilliant thing. It’s simply not like playing over-supplied bar and cut-throat club slots. People want reliability, and they want to be sure you can deliver. They’ll pay whatever it costs for their big day to be perfect. The skill is to convince them of that – and then to be able to do it. Wedding DJing approached correctly is not price sensitive

10. It’s easy! – This myth is only usually held by DJs who consider themselves “above” it. The truth is you need to have a very particular mix of skills, and you need to respect the job. You owe it to the couples whose weddings you DJ and to the profession itself. Wedding DJs quite rightfully get upset when other types of DJ think weddings are easy, because they know they’re not. However, it can be taught. That’s where our new guide comes in…

Credit to, I certainly couldn’t have said it any better myself! 


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