This SongbookDB User Created A Great Singer Tutorial Video

SongBookDB is a robust online remote song request system for pro KJs, and it’s now plugged-in to PCDJ Karaoki.   

The concept is simple: You upload your exported karaoke song list from Karaoki (export as TSV feature) online to SongBookDB, create your venue/show and event times, and publish your song book online for your karaoke singers to browse, search and request songs from.  These requests come directly into the Karaoki SongBookDB Plugin from the internet, where with one-click you can send the song to rotation (or, if you’re not fond of the singer or their request, you can block them!).

You also have a “SongBookDB KJ App” for android and iOS where you can receive song requests via cellular when you do not have internet access at your gig – you would just have to search for the song and add to rotation manually.

Karaoki user Cynthia Jesseen is one of the top KJs in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, we featured her in previous post HERE  – and she’s created an excellently executed “SongbookDB Song Search App Tutorial Video”.

I hope by sharing her video with our karaoke software user community it may inspire you to create something similar for your singers and karaoke venues.  The SongBookDB singer request app is already very easy to use, but a handy guide for new singers or old regulars can help speed up the learning curve.

Watch Cynthia Jesseen’s “SongBookDB Song Search App Tutorial Video”