A Breakdown Of New Features Included In DEX 3.5

New DEX 3.5 DJ Software Features

The DEX 3.5 upgrade is now available (free for existing DEX 3 users) — and while most DJs are already well aware of the included Pulselocker streaming support, that’s not all that’s new-and-improved in our latest DJ and VJ software iteration.

DEX 3.5 includes a slew of performance improvements and fixes, notably support for MAC OSX El Capitan, and a few added features designed to help DEX 3 DJs have a better overall mixing experience. It’s these new features we’ll delve deeper into today.

Many times the standard, bullet-point-style lists that are included with our emailed software update notifications leave a lot of the guesswork to our customer.  The limited real-estate and consequently short feature descriptions don’t fully realize what those features or changes represent. Below we’ve listed what’s new and changed feature followed by a more detailed explanation.

Features Included With The DEX 3.5 Upgrade

  • Pulselocker Streaming Service Support: Pulselocker baked-in means you’ll rarely, if ever have to purchase music again if you don’t wish to. In-app access to 44+ million songs, in all genres from major and independent labels. Subscription’s start as low as $9.99.  Learn more HERE
  • Upgraded BPM detection engine: Better BPM detection (especially with slower tunes, pop and hip-hop) means a better beat-grid therefore all beat-aware based features subsequently improve, too.  One-click Beat Sync works better for more genre’s of music.
  • All-New GUI and various skin modes: DEX 3.5 got a major ‘modern’ face-lift.  New 4-Deck Skins include default mode, video mode, scratch tab/mode and sampler tab/mode.  2-Deck Skins come in simple, video and scratch varieties as well. There should be an interface included to fit any DJs work-flow!
  • Loop points (saving and recalling loops): Just like hot cues, you can now save and recall created loops. Use the new “cues/loops” toggle button to access the storage points for loops.  Create your loop, click on one of the storage buttons and that’s it. Your loop is stored for later recall.
  • New sample decks with many new features (like full players):  One of the biggest improvements in DEX 3.5 is the new sample decks. You can still load up samples/sound effects directly, but can now sample the master output in real-time. Sample player features include play/stop, volume, pitch, filter, sync, loop and pre-fade listening.
  • Effect engine refactoring (internal): Simply put, effects should just sound better – with gain levels improving as well.
  • DJ Controllers can now be detected using USB VID:PID also on Mac: Using various methods to detect DJ controllers in real-time (DEX 3 allows you to plug-in or disconnect up to 8 different DJ controllers while in the mix – without skipping a beat) means less potential conflicts and better overall stability/communication.
  • New controllers supported: Denon MC4000, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3: More tactile hand-on methods to control DEX 3 – from some of the best DJ brands in the biz!
  • When exiting search it restores the last viewed list/folder: This one is self-explanatory; a little niggle that makes work-flow more user friendly.
  • Graphics rendering improvements (eg. better looking text):  Sharper overall graphics and text, even on a high-density retina display.

Bugs You Should Know We’ve Squashed

  • Fixed rare crash when loading karaoke files
  • Fixed graphical rendering problems with artwork over jog-wheels (for skin
  • Fixed automatic rescanning when a new disk/usb drive is inserted or ejected
  • Fixed automatic rotation on Windows tablet devices (for the new “tablet mode” – new “tablet mode” skin coming this week…)

If you’re an existing DEX 3 user you can find the free update HERE