Save The Date | Karaoke Summit 2015

Karaoke Summit ’15: October 22, 12-2pm EST

“Game-Changing Money-Makers”

The previous Karaoke Summit hosted by Digitrax Entertainment in Nashville Tennessee was a colossal success.

A thousand KJs from all over the globe watched the live online stream as top executives and industry leaders discussed the future of karaoke and emerging technologies.  The Karaoke Cloud Pro in-app subscription for Karaoki was also announced, having since paved the way for a legion of KJs and karaoke venues to get up and hosting karaoke with a commercial legal karaoke catalog.

This years iteration of the Karaoke Summit should prove to be even more titillating, with a spotlight towards unique game-changing karaoke tech.  You won’t want to miss it, and why should you? — it’s online, and it’s free!

Karaoke Summit ’15: Save The Date

This years Karaoke Summit theme is “Game-Changing Money-Makers: Opening up alternate revenue streams for KJs & venues.” Be sure to clear your calendar on October 22nd between 12PM and 2PM EST.

The premise is to show KJs and hosts how they can potentially double, triple or even quadruple nightly revenue. There’s a paradigm shift in karaoke entertainment that’s already begun rolling and the Karaoke Summit will showcase the opportunities and pitfalls.

Karaoke Summit speakers and time-slots are still being filled, including a surprise or two, so be sure to keep a tab on the PCDJ blog for more info.  We’ll also email our newsletter subscribers as we receive more Karaoke Summit information over the next few weeks.

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10 replies
  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    How can KJ’s get directly involved in the conference? I would like to attend in person and perhaps speak at the conference. I have a variety of topics I can speak on that follow the theme noted above.


  2. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    Will this every be posted online so those of us who work and can’t view it “live” will be able to see it?

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Will this be held in Nashville again and if so how do we get registered for the summit? I am eager to rub elbows with others in the business as well as the speakers for the event.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Jeremy, the event will be held in Nashville TN once again, but will be streamed online again for the public. I’m not certain if anyone is able to attend in person, yet. We’ll put up another blog post when we have more details!

  4. Russ Wristen
    Russ Wristen says:

    I seriously hope this is about technology and moving forward into more and profitable streams of income in the Karaoke industry. Not about Kurt Slep’s rebranding of a once great now has been Karaoke manufacturer, that’s a dead horse that’s been beaten into the ground too many times already. If he or his minions are on the program, count me out.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Russ, no, this isn’t regarding karaoke brands or re-branding, although I’m sure karaoke music related topics will be discussed.

      We’ll post more info and the speaker lineup when we have the details. Stay tuned!

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